Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Minor changes that makes a boat your own!

Tuesday 15th April

Before we left Wheaton Aston we filled up with diesel at Turners 72.9 per litre!! We cruised to Norbury junction & passed quite a few boats and when we arrived at Norbury Junction we found it easy to get moored not far from the water point only about 3 boats back.

When we left Droitwich on our first cruise as the proud new owners of R&R, we still never thought that the boat was ours and so made the decision to change some things so that it would feel like ours. I am sure that most women will understand where I am coming from when I say that you need to put your own stamp on a place you will call home be it a house or a boat. So we decided to change the curtains to blinds, have new upholstery on the pullman & order a new sofa bed, this is in no way meant to offend Carol & George as the boat had nothing wrong with it but we felt that the way it was it still felt as though it was Carol & George's boat.
We are now waiting for delivery of the new sofa bed from Wilsons which will be tomorrow morning! our friend Nigel has got the other sofa bed as his boat is the same colour scheme & he had 2 chairs but was thrilled to get a sofa bed  instead that went well in his boat, so we are pleased for him!
new upholstery & Kev has been busy varnishing table

He also varnished worktops too

This morning I had a clean up & Kev washed boat & polished it & we think it looks great


  1. It looks good. And speaking from experience, you're right, you do have to make changes to make a boat your own. Glad you're back on the water and enjoying yourselves.

  2. Hi, looks good but I need a picture of the blinds too. Glad that you’re now making it your own even though it still seems like ours!! We’ll be better when we get our own in the water. I keep thinking how we’ll feel when we meet up with Rock n Roll on the cut somewhere - that will be strange!

  3. So pleased with the dark blue settee Ann, it matches the curtains and is very comfy. Will take the last of these awful swivel chairs home now. Cannot understand . Cannot understand why so many Narrowboats have these naff swivel chairs.
    Many thanks to Ann and Kev for the new settee on "Tomorrow"
    Now I can have someone to stay. Off to join R&R tomorrow at Nantwich . Should be a great weekend ahead .