Wednesday, 16 August 2017

We are now on The North Oxford Canal

Wednesday 16th August
RIP Elvis 40 years😢
Well on Saturday 12th August after I had put a wash on & Kev had cleaned the boat we left our mooring just after 9.20am. It was drizzling a bit but brightened up later in the day and we moored opposite Samuel Barlow pub.
Travelling through Hopwas.
Crossing the Aqueduct over the river Tame
Looking back from Glascote lock 1
Kev waiting for lock to fill, quite slow(the lock not Kev lol)
Moored opposite the Samuel Barlow pub.
We had a walk to the pub in the evening and wasn't impressed so we only had one drink and left, we sat in our cratch and had a few drinks and there was a better atmosphere than in the pub! There was a 30th birthday party going on upstairs in the pub and so we had music playing until late, which was fine. While we were moored here I noticed that there were some apples growing on a small tree on the towpath so I picked what apples were left.
Not many but enough for a small pie!
On Sunday morning we were up early and on our way heading for the Atherton flight of locks, and as we were approaching the bottom lock a boat was just going in so we had to wait for them to go up and leave the lock so Kev could empty it again for us as there wasn't a boat waiting to come down.
Going up  bottom lock 11.
Once we were through the last lock of the Atherton flight, Kev got Jaz off the boat and walked her for   a while and I followed on the boat. I picked them both up at one of the bridges, we wanted to get to The Anchor pub at bridge 29 Hartshill to have Sunday lunch. When we got to the moorings close to the pub there was a day boat moored there with a nice bunch of people on board celebrating a 50th birthday.

The birthday girl.
We had a lovely Sunday roast at the Anchor and then when we had finished we left and continued cruising in the sunshine and moored through the bridge passed Springfield Haven Marina.
On Monday morning as we were leaving it started raining but only very fine and cleared again while we were cruising.
Passed this boat with a novel mannequin on his bow!!
When we got to Ansty we moored and Kev managed to do an oil change, and I took Jaz for a walk, then just chilled for the rest of the afternoon.
Yesterday was a nice morning although it did feel a bit cool it soon warmed up nicely, As Kev was letting go of the ropes ready to leave I took Jaz walking on the towpath with Kev following on the boat. I kept walking for quite a way and then realised there wasn't a bridge where I could get both myself & Jaz back on board! So I ended up walking as far as bridge 26, Grimes Bridge!
Rose Narrowboats, swing bridge ahead.
We wanted to get moored at Barby straight but there were some boats moored there and so we carried on and just around the bend we found a nice mooring with an open field just alongside of the towpath which is great for Jaz. Although when Kev let her off the boat about 6pm last night she ran up into the field and then spun around a couple of times and ran back and jumped aboard after she had been stung by a wasp! I couldn't find where exactly she had been stung but she just laid under the table for an hour or so but she is fine today. We are staying put here until tomorrow, I have done some washing and made an apple pie with the apples I picked on Saturday, so we will have that tonight. It has been very busy today with plenty of boats passing.
Moored just before bridge 79.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Saturday 12th August

On sunday 6th August we travelled to our marina @ Shardlow, we arrived there about 11am, we unpacked the car and Kev took Jaz for a walk while I put things away. We then went into Long Eaton for some shopping and then when we returned to the boat we had a bite to eat packed the shopping away and then left the marina about 2.30pm.

Our new Cratch Cover

And Pram Canopy!
We had these fitted by AJ Canopies at the end of July, Kev had been to the marina to meet them while they fitted the new ones.
Leaving the Marina
When we got to our first lock which was Shardlow there were 2 boats in the lock coming out and a hire boat on the lock landing ahead of us waiting to go in, so we shared the lock with them.
Waiting to go into Shardlow Lock.
We shared the next 2 locks with the hire boat, Aston Lock where there were 2 lockies on and then Weston Lock and we moored for the night above Weston lock.
On Monday morning we left Weston and headed towards Swarkestone lock and as we were approaching the lock the hire boaters that had shared the locks with previously came up so we shared the lock with them once again and finally shared the last of the double locks with them which was Stenson Lock. When we left the lock the hire boaters moored for a late breakfast and we carried on to Willington and stopped at the services to top with water etc.
Kev waiting for the water tank to fill.

 Passing over the River Dove, work to clear channel was going on.

We didn't pass many boats and it was quite a peaceful day cruising and we finally moored after Branston Lock.
On Tuesday it was pouring with rain and we stayed put and I did some cleaning, but then about 1pm the rain eased so we decided to move and set off about 1.30pm.
We didn't go too far, we wanted to moor above Barton Lock as we were expecting Kev's brother Ade & his wife Jane on Wednesday. They arrived on Wednesday afternoon and were spending the night with us, and so once we had got them a bite to eat we set off towards Alrewas.
Ade on the tiller
Jane on the tiller, but we are already moored lol!
We had a pleasant cruise in lovely sunshine and managed to moor in Alrewas, later we went for something to eat in the William 1V pub which was very good. 
On Thursday morning after we had a cooked breakfast we headed off to Fradley , it was another lovely sunny day and plenty of boats about in fact Fradley was very busy. Kev & Ade had been working the locks but in Fradley there were Lockies on so it was a bit easier for them. As we got up through the lock at the junction of the Coventry Canal, there was a boat waiting to come down so I turned the boat around and waited at the lock to go back down. We had a lovely day with Ade & Jane and we finally got them back to Barton about 3pm. Kev managed to turn the boat round at Barton Turns Marina and reversed back towards barton lock and moored close to where we had been moored previously there. Ade had left his car near the Barton Inn so I said my goodbyes to Ade & Jane & Kev walked back to their car with Jaz and I stayed on the boat. 
Once Kev returned we set off back to Alrewas where we managed to get moored close to the footbridge.
Moored in Alrewas below the footbridge.
Yesterday morning I put a wash on and then popped for a few things at the Co-op shop and then we headed back to Fradley where we stopped at the water point to fill up with water, empty the cassettes & get rid of the rubbish! The water was very slow and we were on the water point for about half an hour! I then went to the lock and Kev moved over to the lock landing to wait as there was a boat ahead of us going into the lock.

Passed this lovely wooden boat on the Coventry Canal.
Once we were up and out of the lock we turned onto the Coventry Canal, and we finally moored after Tamhorn Farm Bridge.

Friday, 7 July 2017

A fellow boater is selling their boat

Friday 7th July


57 foot Trad style liveaboard aboard narrowboat fit out.
For further details please contact: Terry on 07445362848

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Out with the old & in with the new!

Wednesday 28th June
We have been back at home in Roos for the last couple of weeks as we had several things we wanted to do at home. While R&R is in our marina at Shardlow we will be having a new Pram canopy & Cratch cover fitted by AJ Canopies from Braunston as the present ones are starting to look quite shabby. They have done well though as they are the original ones that George & Carol had fitted when they owned R&R, so that will be done some time in July.
For quite a while now we have been having power problems  (or the lack of it) on R&R & Kev suspected that our 230v fridge was the culprit! The fridge also had been on the boat since we bought R&R and he thought the fridge must be faulty and drawing too much power as when we were getting up in a morning our Victron power monitor was showing 11.8v. Also the washing machine was showing signs of wear & tear, as it had started to make a noise when in use and we suspected that it was a bearing.
We had bought a 12v fridge to replace the 230v one and so as we had to take the roof mounted glass cabinet down to enable us to get the old fridge off the boat & the new fridge on from the stern we decide to replace the washing machine with a new one too!!
We ordered a new washer from and they delivered it to our home and the van drivers took the new washer off the lorry & put it straight into our car!
Kev had already arranged for a man called Simon (an electrician from Braunston, who had done work on our previous boat) to come to our marina @ Shardlow to wire up the new 12v fridge to the fuse board.  Kev had also arranged for his friend Nigel, (who has his boat moored next to us in the marina) to come and help him lift the old washing machine out and put the new one in!
So last week Kev drove to Shardlow with the new washing machine in the car, our new fridge was already at the marina as Nigel had got it for us from Midland chandlers at Mercia marina.
As Kev was at the boat a the day before Simon was due to come he was able to take the glass cabinet down and he managed to get the 230v fridge out and off the boat at the stern, he didn't need to take it to the tip as a man who lives on his boat in the marina & is moored not far from our boat wanted the fridge for his beer!!
Another job Kev had to do was to take out the pan drawer and the cupboard above it that has the microwave in it, these are located below the oven and it is the only way to get to the washing machine that is in the bathroom out! What a going on! Anyway once Simon had been and the new 12v fridge was installed Kev waited until Nigel arrived at the marina on Friday to help him get the old washing machine out and the new one in place. Kev wanted to make sure everything was working ok with the new washing machine i.e. no leaks etc so he put a quick wash on, and once everything was ok he put everything back into place once again!
Our new Hoover washing machine in place!
The new 12v fridge also in place!
The cabinet all back in place!!
The following morning when Kev checked the power after the new 12v fridge had been working and the 12v freezer too ( the inverter had been off) the Victron monitor was showing 12.5v and so the power consumption problem is hopefully sorted!!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Looking forward to an Indian tonight!

Monday 12th June
On Saturday we stayed in Stone, and went for a few bits of shopping but mainly a lazy day. There had been a gala week going on in Stone and on Saturday afternoon some of the roads were closed as there was a procession of floats etc. At least the rain held off for them but when we went out in the evening for a few drinks it rained!
Sunday morning the first boat came up the lock at the Star Pub just before 7am! Then there was several more and we thought we were early to leave around 8am!
Heading towards Aston bridge and Aston lock is just around the corner from it.
When we got to Aston Lock there were a couple of boats ahead of us, but it wasn't long before we were down and out of the lock and on our way.
 Yet another swan with her cygnets
Even more geese with their goslings!
We weren't going far today, only to Burston. In fact we moored a little way passed bridge 85 where it was quite open and we had a good reception on the TV, wifi, and mobile phone signal! We had a late cooked breakfast and when we had washed up etc we had a good walk with Jaz over bridge 85 into Burston village and walked up the road over the railway bridge and then came to The Greyhound pub where we stopped and had a drink. We sat outside with Jaz and didn't realise that dogs were allowed inside! 
Our mooring.
 Looking from the stern last night!
This morning once we were ready we set off and Kev walked with Jaz until he got to Sandon lock while I came along on R&R, Kev filled the lock and once we were down through the lock both Kev & Jaz got back on board.
Nearly ready to leave this morning.
First lock of the day.
Through the next 2 locks, Weston Lock & then Hoo Mill Lock and then on to the water point at Gt Haywood, there was a boat already moored there but there was enough space for us to pull onto the water point in front of the other boat. I made a cuppa while Kev waited for the water to fill, which didn't take long as it filled quite fast.
Moored on one of the water points at Anglo Welsh.
A bit busy at the junction for the Staffs & Worcester canal!
Once the water tank was full Kev let go of the ropes for me and while I headed for Haywood lock on the boat while Kev walked over the bridge and walked to the lock. When we got there , 3 boats were already waiting to go down the lock so we were there a while.
One boat was in the lock, the green one was next and the blue one ended up at the other side!
Colwich lock and a queue again! Mind you the ground paddle was out of action so there was only the gate paddle working, which made it slow to fill but not too bad once in the lock going down!
Once we were out of the lock Kev stayed on the towpath once again with Jaz and they walked as far as Wolseley bridge where there were 3 boats moored before the bridge but enough room for us to get moored too! So here we will stay and will make another visit to Shimla Palace for an Indian meal tonight! Lovely!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Back onto the Trent & Mersey Canal

Saturday 10th June.
After getting a good soaking last Monday, and the fact that the weather forecast for Tuesday was wind & rain we stayed put at Middlewich.
On Wednesday morning the weather wasn't that good but we wanted to move so we left about 8.45am.
Our mooring in Middlewich.
Looking back from our mooring just before we left.
We had a long day and we stopped at Wheelock to fill up with water, empty 2 cassettes & get rid of rubbish, we then pulled forward from the water point to have a bite to eat before we started the Wheelock flight of locks! The weather actually didn't turn out too bad after all and at least we stayed dry!
A clever use of old jeans!
Looking back at Wheelock services.
Approaching lock 58 after the M6 motorway bridge. 
We finally moored at Church Lawton after doing 26 locks and 11.5 miles. On Thursday morning we were away fairly early and headed for the Harecastle tunnel.
In lock 41
The pub next to lock 41
Here we go!

The start of the 40 minute journey through the tunnel!
After we were through the tunnel we stopped at the moorings at Westport lake to let Jaz have a run, there was no way that we wanted to stay on these moorings as there wasn't a space anywhere that didn't have goose droppings on it! So once Jaz had been for a run about we carried on through Stoke On Trent and headed for Barleston where we moored after Oldroad bridge 104.
Yesterday morning we left Barleston early in fact it was just after 7am! We wanted to get moored in Stone for the weekend.
Lovely canal side cottages.
The Boat yard, Kev's favourite property on the system!
This mother was very protective as a man walked passed after I took this, he had 2 dogs and the swan ran to them and gave one of them a peck!
Meaford top lock
Jaz keeping her eye on where Kev is!
Haven't seen one of these since we were on the Thames!
Love these old cars.
After we dropped down lock 29 at Stone, we stopped briefly so Kev could empty the cassette & I got rid of the rubbish we then carried on and dropped down what turned out to be our last lock of the day, (Yard lock) and what do you know an available mooring after the lock landing! We had a couple of boats glance off the side of us as they went onto the lock landing, Kev had spoken to the man moored ahead of us who said he was moving shorty as he had stayed 48 hours, he agreed to let us know when he was going so we could move onto his mooring, which is what we did a couple of hours later.