Friday, 14 November 2014

A scare for Buster

Friday 14th November

Early this morning about 4.50am Kev had heard Buster barking which is unusual now as he is deaf so he couldn't have heard anything outside, but when Kev got downstairs to him he noticed that he had done a small puddle but there was blood in it. We haven't noticed any blood before now but as most of you will know you don't actually see what they are passing it was only the fact it was on the kitchen floor. he was very unsettled and he kept wanting to go outside. I was upset and worried as there seemed to be more blood then pee and so as soon as the vets opened I rang and got an appointment for this morning, the vet examined Buster and checked his prostrate and said it was fine and that his bladder felt empty and so she decided to treat him for an infection so he has tablets and Metacalm oral suspension both to be taken once a day for a week. He is a good lad to take his medicine the tablets are quite large so I put them in some bread & butter and he takes it well and the suspension is in a syringe and I just pop it into his mouth. If he isn't any better after the course of treatment then I have to take him back so fingers crossed it isn't anything sinister! like most dog owners it is upsetting to see your dog unwell but you can only do the best you can for their welfare.
We were hoping to have a few days at the boat but decided it would be better to stay at home while Buster peeing a lot etc, Kev is going away on Sunday morning for a month to work in India so I will go to check on Rock & Roll at some point.

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