Friday, 16 May 2014

Busy time while Kev away

Saturday 17th May

While Kev has been away at work I have been busy gardening & power washing the block paving on our drive, it is quite a large area & had got quite bad with weeds and moss. It took me 3 days to get it all done and I was happy to get it done!
The drive all clean now!

some of the garden sorted too!
On Thursday 14th May it was my birthday and the next day (15th) it was our Silver Wedding Anniversary, as Kev wasn't here we will go for a meal when he comes home. he is home on Tuesday evening and we will be going to Rock & Roll on Wednesday morning. We are moving to Barton Turns marina and have a mooring there for a few months. 
My sister bought us a silver wedding photo frame and I put a photo in it of Kev (with hair and no grey) carrying me across the threshold, we were both a bit lighter weight wise  then! 

Kev sent me some flowers and they were gorgeous Thanks Kev, we also got some champagne from the kids Kirsty, Colette  & Lee along with some earrings for me & cufflinks for Kev, so thank you all for them. We will be drinking the champagne while we are on the boat. In fact we have two bottles as I have taken a bottle to the boat already so we will be full of bubbles!!
I would like to wish belated wishes to Paul & Elaine (Manly Ferry) as it was their 7th wedding anniversary on the same day as ours. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Ann and Happy Anniversary to you both. Look forward to meeting up again on the cut one day x