Sunday, 28 June 2015

Plenty of sunshine at last

Saturday 27th June
What a lovely peaceful mooring we had, there hadn't been anybody walking past the boat and only a few boats passed yesterday but after 6pm it was quiet. We could only just hear the traffic on the M6 but you had to really listen for it.
Our view looking across the canal 
Deptmore lock is just round the bend behind us
The boat moored ahead was the last one to come passed us

We actually were able to have shorts and T-shirts on today! We had a lovely cruise and only now and again did it cloud over and was a bit breezy.

This is a pretty cottage in Acton Trussell, the postman had just been here and he had reversed his van quite a way on the towpath to get to this cottage and a couple more next to it. There is nowhere for him to turn around unless he drove into the properties but their gates were all closed so he must do this every time he delivers post. If you look closely you will see a scarecrow in front of it!

Kev tried to get a photo of this squirrel running along the towpath, he said he had his camera set wrong! 
Very fast little squirrel!
Passing this popular wedding venue, there are several boats moored just passed here you can see the start of them ahead.
ApproachingPark Gate Lock
After we had got up through this lock, we moored up briefly so Kev could pop into Midland Chandlers and so I put the kettle on for a cuppa, Kev was back as I made the tea and we set off once again and when we got to the visitor moorings after Penkridge Lock we moored up and had a walk to the shops, there was a market on today but we didn't bother to go. When we got back to R&R we had a sandwich and then I headed to the next lock to get it ready while Kev let the ropes go, it had got a bit busy with a few boats about, and so it was good as there were boats coming down as we were going up the locks. As we were in the lock at Gailey Kev went and got us both an ice-cream, very handy having this little shop here especially on sunny days. We never took photo here but each time we come through Gailey we always remember being iced in on 4EverMoore a few years back. This is where we first met George & Carol. They were the owners of R&R  then and we were moored with them there. Anyway carrying on in the good weather we finally moored for the day near The Fox & Anchor Pub, we call the bend here Busters Bend as we were once coming round it in the opposite direction on 4EverMoore I said shall we stop here and so Kev went and jumped off onto the towpath and Buster decided to follow but we weren't close enough for him and he ended up in the canal! It was a bit of a panic as Buster didn't swim to Kev but seemed to panic and went under the water so Kev had to jump in and reach down for him! All was well just both of them were very wet!
The Fox & Anchor(Busters Bend)

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