Saturday, 10 June 2017

Back onto the Trent & Mersey Canal

Saturday 10th June.
After getting a good soaking last Monday, and the fact that the weather forecast for Tuesday was wind & rain we stayed put at Middlewich.
On Wednesday morning the weather wasn't that good but we wanted to move so we left about 8.45am.
Our mooring in Middlewich.
Looking back from our mooring just before we left.
We had a long day and we stopped at Wheelock to fill up with water, empty 2 cassettes & get rid of rubbish, we then pulled forward from the water point to have a bite to eat before we started the Wheelock flight of locks! The weather actually didn't turn out too bad after all and at least we stayed dry!
A clever use of old jeans!
Looking back at Wheelock services.
Approaching lock 58 after the M6 motorway bridge. 
We finally moored at Church Lawton after doing 26 locks and 11.5 miles. On Thursday morning we were away fairly early and headed for the Harecastle tunnel.
In lock 41
The pub next to lock 41
Here we go!

The start of the 40 minute journey through the tunnel!
After we were through the tunnel we stopped at the moorings at Westport lake to let Jaz have a run, there was no way that we wanted to stay on these moorings as there wasn't a space anywhere that didn't have goose droppings on it! So once Jaz had been for a run about we carried on through Stoke On Trent and headed for Barleston where we moored after Oldroad bridge 104.
Yesterday morning we left Barleston early in fact it was just after 7am! We wanted to get moored in Stone for the weekend.
Lovely canal side cottages.
The Boat yard, Kev's favourite property on the system!
This mother was very protective as a man walked passed after I took this, he had 2 dogs and the swan ran to them and gave one of them a peck!
Meaford top lock
Jaz keeping her eye on where Kev is!
Haven't seen one of these since we were on the Thames!
Love these old cars.
After we dropped down lock 29 at Stone, we stopped briefly so Kev could empty the cassette & I got rid of the rubbish we then carried on and dropped down what turned out to be our last lock of the day, (Yard lock) and what do you know an available mooring after the lock landing! We had a couple of boats glance off the side of us as they went onto the lock landing, Kev had spoken to the man moored ahead of us who said he was moving shorty as he had stayed 48 hours, he agreed to let us know when he was going so we could move onto his mooring, which is what we did a couple of hours later.

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