Monday, 12 June 2017

Looking forward to an Indian tonight!

Monday 12th June
On Saturday we stayed in Stone, and went for a few bits of shopping but mainly a lazy day. There had been a gala week going on in Stone and on Saturday afternoon some of the roads were closed as there was a procession of floats etc. At least the rain held off for them but when we went out in the evening for a few drinks it rained!
Sunday morning the first boat came up the lock at the Star Pub just before 7am! Then there was several more and we thought we were early to leave around 8am!
Heading towards Aston bridge and Aston lock is just around the corner from it.
When we got to Aston Lock there were a couple of boats ahead of us, but it wasn't long before we were down and out of the lock and on our way.
 Yet another swan with her cygnets
Even more geese with their goslings!
We weren't going far today, only to Burston. In fact we moored a little way passed bridge 85 where it was quite open and we had a good reception on the TV, wifi, and mobile phone signal! We had a late cooked breakfast and when we had washed up etc we had a good walk with Jaz over bridge 85 into Burston village and walked up the road over the railway bridge and then came to The Greyhound pub where we stopped and had a drink. We sat outside with Jaz and didn't realise that dogs were allowed inside! 
Our mooring.
 Looking from the stern last night!
This morning once we were ready we set off and Kev walked with Jaz until he got to Sandon lock while I came along on R&R, Kev filled the lock and once we were down through the lock both Kev & Jaz got back on board.
Nearly ready to leave this morning.
First lock of the day.
Through the next 2 locks, Weston Lock & then Hoo Mill Lock and then on to the water point at Gt Haywood, there was a boat already moored there but there was enough space for us to pull onto the water point in front of the other boat. I made a cuppa while Kev waited for the water to fill, which didn't take long as it filled quite fast.
Moored on one of the water points at Anglo Welsh.
A bit busy at the junction for the Staffs & Worcester canal!
Once the water tank was full Kev let go of the ropes for me and while I headed for Haywood lock on the boat while Kev walked over the bridge and walked to the lock. When we got there , 3 boats were already waiting to go down the lock so we were there a while.
One boat was in the lock, the green one was next and the blue one ended up at the other side!
Colwich lock and a queue again! Mind you the ground paddle was out of action so there was only the gate paddle working, which made it slow to fill but not too bad once in the lock going down!
Once we were out of the lock Kev stayed on the towpath once again with Jaz and they walked as far as Wolseley bridge where there were 3 boats moored before the bridge but enough room for us to get moored too! So here we will stay and will make another visit to Shimla Palace for an Indian meal tonight! Lovely!

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