Saturday, 26 October 2013

Our first outing on Rock & Roll

Wednesday 23rd October

We were up very early this morning as we had been invited to spend the day with George & Carol, they were leaving their mooring at Gt Haywood and wanted to get to Fradley so this would be our first day out on R&R. We were really looking forward to getting back onto the canal so this was a good opportunity to get the feel of the boat.
We parked the car at The Clifford Arms pub in GT Haywood & walked along the towpath to meet George & Carol who were filling up with water as we arrived. whilst we were waiting for the water to fill we met Geoff from NB Seyella who was moored further along the Staffs & Worcester canal, he had walked up to meet us & we all had a cuppa on R&R. Afterwards we said our goodbyes to Geoff
 & we headed off towards the first lock  Kev walked with George to get the lock ready & I stayed onboard with Carol. Once through the lock we made our way to Colwich lock & George, Carol & Molly got off the boat & walked along the towpath, they were going to do the lock & let Kev & I stay on the boat & it must have felt strange for them to be doing the lock together while someone else was on their boat!!
We carried on again & stopped to have some lunch at Rugely then headed off to Fradley where we moored up for the day at Shadehouse lock.
After such a good day we headed off to the Mucky Duck for some well earned food! Kev then ordered a taxi to pick us up & get us back to Gt Haywood for our car as it was about 7pm and we had a 3 hour journey home to Roos once we had got to our car.
Thanks to both Carol & George for their hospitality and a few laughs along the way, we will see you both soon.
We can't wait for spring when we will take ownership of Rock & Roll!!

George at the water point

 George, Carol & Molly taking a walk to the lock
George & Carol waiting for us to enter the lock
Carol putting her back into it!