Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year to Everybody

Wednesday 31st December 2014!

Well I hope everybody has had a lovely Crimbo, we had a nice quiet Christmas day with my mam, my sister & Samuel and on Boxing day Kev took Sam to Manchester airport as he was flying to Palma, Majorca to stay with his mum & Phil her partner and will fly back on January 5th ready to return to school the next day. Kev was lucky with the weather as he never saw any snow along the way there or back and when we saw the news later that day showing all the cars stuck in snow in Sheffield we were really relieved that he got home ok. We haven't had any snow in Roos or Hull although we did have a hard frost on Monday and again yesterday.
We travelled to our marina at Shardlow yesterday to spend the New Year aboard Rock & Roll and will stay here until the 5th January and then go to Manchester Airport in the evening to pick Sam up, then we will all travel home to Roos together.
We got back onboard Rock & Roll about 11am yesterday and Kev lit the fire then checked that there were no water leaks before starting the Webasto and all was well and it wasn't long before it was lovely and warm, and we got everything from the car including Buster and then had a sandwich and cuppa! Shortly after our friend Nigel arrived, his boat "Tomorrow" is on the berth next to us and he soon had his fire lit and came for a cuppa.
We all had a ride to Ikea as Nigel wanted to buy a table and a few other bits as he has just bought another property. Speaking of properties........ Fingers crossed our house is SOLD subject to contract, but as Kev said it is only sold when the money is in the bank! We will be busy in the next few weeks moving some furniture to the cottage and getting rid of lots and lots of stuff which I am sure a lot of people on boats will know about as it is amazing what you aquire over the years.

The marina has a covering of snow and the marina is frozen and so is the canal although when we got here yesterday there was a boat using his pole to push him off from his mooring and you could hear the ice cracking a she made his way along the canal.
This morning Kev went out with Buster and took a few photos but it was still quite dark.
It is a bit blurred Kev!
Thats a bit better!

Another blurred one!
Looking down onto the canal the lock is at the top of the photo 
Just took this one from the window

Tonight we are all having a walk to the pub and it will be a change to spend New Years Eve away from home and we are looking forward to it. 
Both Kev and myself would like to wish you all a great New Year 2015 and hope to meet up with fellow boaters and bloggers.