Friday, 14 November 2014

A scare for Buster

Friday 14th November

Early this morning about 4.50am Kev had heard Buster barking which is unusual now as he is deaf so he couldn't have heard anything outside, but when Kev got downstairs to him he noticed that he had done a small puddle but there was blood in it. We haven't noticed any blood before now but as most of you will know you don't actually see what they are passing it was only the fact it was on the kitchen floor. he was very unsettled and he kept wanting to go outside. I was upset and worried as there seemed to be more blood then pee and so as soon as the vets opened I rang and got an appointment for this morning, the vet examined Buster and checked his prostrate and said it was fine and that his bladder felt empty and so she decided to treat him for an infection so he has tablets and Metacalm oral suspension both to be taken once a day for a week. He is a good lad to take his medicine the tablets are quite large so I put them in some bread & butter and he takes it well and the suspension is in a syringe and I just pop it into his mouth. If he isn't any better after the course of treatment then I have to take him back so fingers crossed it isn't anything sinister! like most dog owners it is upsetting to see your dog unwell but you can only do the best you can for their welfare.
We were hoping to have a few days at the boat but decided it would be better to stay at home while Buster peeing a lot etc, Kev is going away on Sunday morning for a month to work in India so I will go to check on Rock & Roll at some point.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Back Home

Sunday 2nd November

It had rained a bit last night but was still quite warm and by this morning there was a nice blue sky as we left our mooring at Swarkestone about 8am, as we were approaching Swarkestone lock  there was a boat waiting to go in and there was a woman at the lock with the paddles wound up and so by the time I had got there the lock was just about full so it wasn't long before we could open the gates and both boats were in. We were lucky to share the lock as the woman said they saw a boat in the lock as they were approaching it but the people just went down on there own and so the lock was empty! Why are some boaters like that and won't just wait a few minutes for a fellow boater, some seem to be in such a hurry and I don't know why they want to be on a narrowboat if all they want to do is rush about I thought the whole idea of narrowboating was to take it easy. I do however realise that sometimes people do have to be somewhere and at times need to be a bit faster but hey a few minutes to wait for a boat doesn't seem like too much to ask!
Anyway we shared the locks with the couple all the way back to Shardlow Lock and when we were leaving the lock we let the other boat exit the lock first, they were heading to Mountsorrel but probably would moor before then. we were back in the marina before noon and I took Buster for a walk while Kev stayed on the boat to do a few jobs before we left the boat, I had a tidy up etc and we left to head home at 2.20pm. Sam had been in Birmingham visiting a friend who used to live in Majorca and went to the same school, he had gone on his moped to my man's in Hull and put it in her garage  and stayed the night there & then caught a bus to the train station on Tuesday morning, he came back yesterday too and was able to get back home a couple of hours after us as now he has his own transport.