Saturday, 25 January 2014

A visit to Gt Haywood

Saturday25th January 2014

We will be taking ownership of Rock & Roll on Saturday 1st of March and can't wait! Kev is not sure if he will be home until about the 4th March so I will go to the marina @ Droitwich and meet up with George & Carol to sort things out. So if Kev doesn't get home our grandson Sam will go with me to help with unloading the car which will be full of our bedding, TV, pots pans cutlery etc!!We will stay on board overnight and hopefully get everything sorted then we will head home to Roos on the Sunday.
Once Kev gets home we will both return to R&R and then we will be ready to set off for our first cruise as the proud owners of R&R!
We have decided due to Kev's job that each time he is home we will cruise the canals ending up at different marinas so we can see more areas & leave the boat safely for the few weeks Kev is away.
Our first Marina will be back at Great Haywood where we originally were moored when we had our first narrowboat 4EverMoore  and we will plan from there what we are doing!
Anyway we had decided earlier in the week that we would go to Gt Haywood today and also do a few other things too, Kev had sent an email to Paul & Elaine (nb Manly Ferry) asking them if they would like a few books we had about sites in France for their motorhome as we no longer needed them as we sold our motorhome to get back to boating.

We set off early this morning with our grandson Sam & Buster (our Staffie) we went to the marina @ Gt Haywood & have reserved a temporary berth. Afterwards we went for lunch to the Woolpack Inn @ Weston and then we headed to Aston Marina to give the books we had to Paul& Elaine and as we drove into the marina who should be sat at a table outside the marina office (pub) but Paul,Elaine & fellow bloggers Dianne & Ray (nb Ferndale) & Dot (nb Ewn Ha Cul)
What a motley crew these lot are!!
After chatting about various things like toilets pubs and motorhomes we left and headed for home, it was lovely to meet you all and hope to meet up again on the cut sometime soon.