Saturday, 13 May 2017

Weekend moored at Nantwich

Saturday 13th May
We stayed out on Thursday as Kev had some jobs he wanted to do on the engine, and so I had a good clean. It was another sunny day although not as good as Wednesday, which was glorious but still nice enough to sit outside after we had both finished what we were doing. Jaz was happy too as she absolutely loves being outside. It did cloud over about 5pm so we took the chairs in and that was that for the day.
Friday morning it started to rain and Kev walked Jaz after he had let go of the ropes and I followed on the boat. Jaz doesn't like the rain at all and didn't want too walk too far and so before we got to Hack Green locks I put the bow to the towpath & Kev put her back on board! He then went to set the lock for me and there was a boat coming up so that was good and then there was another boat coming up the second lock so we were soon on our way to Nantwich. We managed to get moored on the moorings  after the aqueduct at just after 10 am.
Moored at Nantwich
The rain eased a little after lunch so Kev & I had a walk to the train station so he could pick up his tickets for his journey to Bristol, I went into Morrisons which is close to the station and let Kev pop there while I went for some shopping. As it was quite a walk back & was quite warm we popped in to   Oddfellows pub for a drink, the landlord was very friendly and the pub was immaculate.
This morning I put another wash on but as the weather is a bit hit & miss today I have hung it at the stern to dry with the front & back of the canopy rolled up so there is a good breeze blowing through. Kev will be back tomorrow about 4.30pm so we shall leave on monday morning, and head for Hurleston junction where we will turn onto the Llangollen Canal.

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