Wednesday, 25 May 2016

No room at Paddington Basin so its off to Venice instead!

Wednesday 25th May
An early start for us yesterday morning we were on our way just before 6 am, Kev walked with Jaz for a while and then I picked them up at a bridge.
Leaving our mooring 
A lovely morning as we left at 6am
Heading to the bridge where Kev & Jaz are waiting to get back on board
Plenty of flats around here
How can people live this way?

It wasn't too long before we were at Bulls Bridge where we turned onto the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal. Although it was a lovely morning it was quite cold and we had to wear our jackets but we had the canal to ourselves and was very pleasant cruising.

Lots of swans here bridge 20 ahead of us.

We saw quite a lot of Coots still on their nests.

This looks like an ex  oil rig life boat!

Approaching the North Circular Aqueduct

Busy road as we go over the aqueduct

Old looking terrace homes on one side & offices on the other!

We were soon passed Little venice and through into Paddington Basin and we knew there were 2 boats moored here that Della & Gary had told us about Nb Oak Apple & moored on the inside was Nb Inca. We were hoping to see them to find out if they would be leaving so we could have one of their moorings but there was nobody on either boats so we had to turn around and leave the basin as it was full. No surprise there really as Paddington Basin is very popular!

 Nb OakApple, Nb Inca on the inside

Heading out of the basin

The short tunnel heading towards Camden

We decided to go up towards Camden to see if we could get moored somewhere but we changed our minds when we got to Cumberland basin and turned to come back and went back to Paddington basin to see if by now there were any moorings, but there wasn't and there was still no sign of anybody on Nb OakApple & Nb Inca. So we headed back towards Little Venice and we managed to moor alongside another boat on the visitor moorings. We will stay here now until our grandson Sam & his friend Will arrive on Sunday tea-time. We had a walk with Jaz about 5pm and went to see how long it took to walk back to Paddington station, as Kev would be meeting the lads there on Sunday.

Coming alongside the boat we are now breasted up with

Kev coming out of the station.

The Warwick Castle pub

We had a walk about and went to the pub above for a quick drink before heading back to the boat, but we then took Jaz onto a small park area close to our mooring first so she could have a run about.

Looking back from our mooring

There we are 3rd boat back!

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