Wednesday, 29 October 2014

About Turn!

Wednesday 29th October

We had a quiet evening at Taft bridge on Monday apart from there seemed to be quite a lot of goods trains  through the night which we could hear and we have moored here before but we never seemed to hear the trains so much. Anyway yesterday we decided  that we would get to Gt Haywood and we would turn around at the junction of the Staffs & Worcs canal, we had intended to go to Penkiridge but we would be rushing to get back to Shardlow before the stoppages on Monday and besides I have a dentist appointment next Monday!
Approaching the entrance to the staffs & Worcs Canal where we turned

It was quite breezy but a fine day we were hoping to get rid of our rubbish but there were 2 boats on the services so we didn't bother. So we headed back to Gt Haywood Lock which would have been ready for us to go back in but a boat that was moored on the visitor moorings decided to leave and they beat us to it! 

As we approached the small holding at Taft Bridge we spotted these piglets, they were quite funny running about, very comical!  The diesel is still 79pence per litre here! We carried on until we got to the visitor moorings in Rugeley and moored up for the day and we had a walk to Morrisons and I got my lottery winnings £25!! So it had to be treat time with all my winnings lol so we bought some lovely fresh jam & cream scones "lovely"also we got 2 vanilla slices too, what can I say! We had the vanilla slices with a lovely cup of coffee and put the scones into the fridge. We stayed the night on these moorings and this morning we didn't leave Rugeley until 10.20 am as Kev had a Skype call with someone in India at 9.30am and we didn't want to risk moving on and have no signal on our mifi.
Once that was sorted we got set off but the weather was very dull and we had some rain along the way but we had a lovely cream scone with a  cuppa  to look forward to and yes we had them on the way and very nice they were too! A few boats about again and as we arrived at Woodend Lock there were 2 boats behind us and 1 in front so we were queueing by the time we got to Shadehouse lock and we moored once again in Fradley opposite the water point at 2.30pm.

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