Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Two rockers together on the Thames

Tuesday 31st May

On Sunday we had a bit of a lazy day and didn't go far, Kev went to meet Sam & Will at Kings Cross station and they all got to the boat about 5.45 pm.
Our new crew members!
After we had got them sorted we sat and had a drink before setting off  to walk to Camden Market, it took about 45minutes and so we were all ready for a drink when we got there, so we went into the Weatherspoons and it was very busy. After having had our refreshments we went to the market for some food and a look around, unfortunately the stalls were all getting ready to close! We managed to get some food though, Kev, Sam & myself got a cheesy chicken wrap from one stall while Will got a plain chicken wrap from another stall, all of which were very good. We had a walk around but felt very disappointed for the lads as there wasn't any of the stalls selling goods open as there was when Kev & I had come with Jaz. We expected it to still be open with it being a bank holiday and a couple that we had spoken to who live in Little Venice had told us the market would be buzzing!! We didn't walk back to the boat but got a tube back to Paddington and then had a few drinks on board the boat, we also had our own entertainment!

Will is playing his guitar for us!(sorry it is a bit dark)
On Monday morning the weather had changed and it was cool & overcast, we left Little Venice about 8am leaving the lads having a lie in while we were on the move.  We stopped  at the Sainsbury moorings at Kensall Green and we had a cuppa while we waited for the store to open at 9am and then went for some shopping. While I packed away the shopping Kev started the engine and set off once again heading for Bulls Bridge junction, we wanted water and I had forgot to get eggs when we were in Sainsbury's so as we turned left at the junction we pulled over to the water point which is also where there is a Tesco store. There was already a boat on the mooring so we breasted up alongside of it and as we were coming alongside the man on the moored boat came out and said he was popping to Tesco's first so let Kev start filling our water while I popped for the eggs!

Looking across at the junction for the Paddington Arm we had just come from

Breasted up getting water
It took a while to fill the water and then we were on our way, the lads were up and about and were going to help with the locks we had to do today.
Don't think this boat will be moving far!

Kev shows Will how to work the paddle

Hanwell Lock with the old Asylum alongside!

Will & Sam earning their keep!
It wasn't taking too long going down the Hanwell flight of locks as there were Volunteer lockies filling the locks for us and then we were able to go straight in each one and plus we had our new crew members too! When we had got down through Clitheroes lock we called it a day and moored opposite the Glaxosmithkline office block.
This morning it wasn't looking good weatherise, the wind had picked up and was gusty at times. We were up and away early as we had to get to Thames Lock for 8am so we set off just after 7am, we did stop briefly to empty the cassette & rubbish at the services close to Brentford Gauging Locks. Kev walked with me to get the lock ready and we found that one of the locks was full so we only had to open the gates, Kev went back to bring R&R into the lock while I waited for him at the lock. There was a hire boat moored at the lock and as Kev brought the boat into the lock a man got off the boat and Kev asked if he wanted to share the lock. He said he thought he had to wait for CRT but then Kev told him that the lock keeper at Thames Lock had told us to be there at 8am, the man then got back on his hire boat and came into the Gauging lock with us. When we arrived at Thames Lock there was a work boat in it but it was leaving as we got there and we were told to go straight in once the workboat was out.
Leaving Thames Lock

Ready to turn right onto the River Thames
The hire boat decided to overtake us!
By the time we were getting close to Teddington Lock it had started to pour with rain, we had expected the rain so we had already put our waterproofs on! As we got to Teddington Lock the lights were on red but we only waited a few minutes before  the green light came on & 2 cruisers emerged out of the lock. We weren't in the lock very long before we were leaving and could see where we were going to moor for the day! There was somebody there waiting for us!

George! Nb Still Rockin!!
Carol was taking a photo as we came alongside and George took the bow rope and helped us get tied up, he asked us to go onboard Still Rockin for a cuppa when we were all sorted and so once Kev had put the side panels in on the pram cover & I had took Jaz for a walk we all went aboard still Rockin where there were a few tears from Carol as this is the first time both her & George have seen Rock & Roll since we left them at Droitwich marina where they had moved into a caravan waiting for their wide beam to be built. I would have been emotional too, but Carol said that now she is ok and now she sees R&R as our boat now.

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