Monday, 5 June 2017

Moored at Middlewich

Monday 5th June.
We had a change of plan when we were moored below Willeymoor lock, we were going to stay a few days and go to the pub for a meal but we changed our minds. We did pop to the pub on Friday evening for a couple of drinks. On Saturday morning we left our mooring in lovely sunshine and Kev walked with Jaz to Quoisley Lock while I followed on R&R.
Looking back at Willeymoor lock
Up Quoisley Lock.
When we getting close to Marbury Lock we moored and we were going to stay put for the day and have a walk into the lovely village of Marbury and go to the Swan pub, we sat in the sun for a while and then thought we would go for a walk to the pub, but as we were leaving the boat with Jaz there was a man walking on the towpath who told us that the Swan was under renovations and he didn't think it was open yet. As it was a bit of a walk we decided to leave this mooring and head off to Wrenbury. Once back on board I took the windlass and walked to Marbury Lock to set it for Kev, and we were soon down the lock and on our way to Wrenbury.
Not sure what I think of the colour of the canvass on this boat!
This female only had one chick, and quite a young one too.
We managed to get moored at Wrenbury ok on the 48hour moorings, and didn't go through the lift bridge as it is a bit brighter this side of the bridge and stayed here overnight. We took Jaz for a walk shortly after we moored and we sat with her in the beer garden at the Cotton Arms. We went back in the evening for a few drinks, firstly we went into The Dusty Miller pub for one and then went to the Cotton Arms and I had a few games of pool, managing to win a couple of games!
New homes being built in Wrenbury.
On Sunday morning we were away before 9am and I walked to work the lift bridge, fortunately not a lot of traffic on the road so we didn't hold people up! Only one car had to stop & wait for Kev to go through the lift bridge and then I walked ahead to go and get the next lift bridge ready, but as I got there a man was already working the lift bridge and a boat was going through with a woman on the tiller, he was with the lady on the boat that was going through but had his own boat that was tied at the bridge landing, so when she got through she moored her boat on the other landing. Meanwhile another boat was coming towards Wrenbury and so the man working the bridge let them go through and then let Kev come through! So he was there a while as the woman he was travelling with walked back to get on his boat to take it through the bridge, we were quite happy as at least we would be ahead of them at the locks!
We wanted to stop at the services at the flight of locks at Hurleston to empty the cassette, fill with water & get rid of our rubbish and while we were filling the water tank Kev went to get rid of the rubbish and he took the cassette but he was unable to empty it as the facilities were out of order. When the water tank was full we headed to go down the flight of locks and when we were at the 3rd one the heavens opened up and it poured with rain! When we at the last lock a couple of boats were waiting to come up, the rain continued and I managed to get back on board after Kev had turned left at Hurleston junction. I went down into the boat while Kev stayed on the tiller and when he got to Barbridge junction he turned right onto the Middlewich section of the Shropshire Union canal and he moored after the winding hole before Cholmondeston Lock.
This morning it started to rain before we left our mooring about 8.15 am, I walked to the lock and filled it ready for Kev to bring R&R in. Once we had dropped down the lock Kev moored outside Venetion Marina and we waited for the shop to open at 8.30am. 
We needed a bottle of gas & diesel, the gas was £26.50 and the diesel was 69pence per litre, once we were sorted we set off heading for Middlewich, the rain stayed with us all the way and was quite heavy at times! We moored after bridge 29 and that was us for the day! 

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