Thursday, 1 June 2017

Staying put for a couple of days.

Thursday 1st June
Yesterday was another lovely day, just before we were about to leave our mooring a man & woman came around the bend towards us towing a small boat behind them! Kev spoke to them and the man told Kev they had been to Chester, the Leicester ring & the 4 counties! Why? Well just to say they did it, they sounded like Americans although they may well have been Canadian.
Here they come.
The woman got on board and brought the boat passed us.
She then got the rope and passed it back to her husband.
He pulled the boat in and she got off and they carried on towing the boat behind them!
We were then on our way to Ellesmere for some shopping and we turned the boat around and managed to get moored at the basin close to Tesco.  Once we had done our shopping and got it all packed away, we had a cuppa and a bite to eat and then I took Jaz with me and went around the other side of the basin where there is a field that I walked her through and it then comes out onto the bowling green. I crossed the green and went onto a small footpath which led me to the canal again at bridge 58 (Red Bridge) where I waited to be picked up. Kev left the basin just after I had set off with Jaz and he picked us both up at the bridge and we were on our way again. Not far was Ellesmere tunnel and as we approached it a boat was coming through so we had to wait a few minutes for him to exit the short tunnel (87yards) and then we were able to go through.
Waiting for the other boat to exit the tunnel.
In we go.
We had a pleasant cruise and finally we moored on the 48 hour moorings at Whitchurch that are before the lift bridge.
Our mooring at Whitchurch.
Having a moment together😀
This morning was yet another lovely start so we had a leisurely breakfast, showers & I did a wash before we left just after 10.15 am. Kev walked Jaz to the lift bridge and it was in the up position as a boat had gone through and another boat was waiting to come through from the other way. He asked if we could come through too and the young lad said yes and went off to get on his boat and left the bride open but Kev was unable to get across! Fortunately there was a woman with her dog at the bridge and so Kev asked if she could drop the bridge for us and he threw our windlass over to her. I took the boat through the bridge, the woman apparently wasn't with any boat she just happened to be walking her dog! The people on the hire boat that was waiting to come through the other way then went through so I had to wait in the middle of the canal for Kev to get the windlass back and catch me up! He wasn't going to get back on board as he was going to walk with Jaz to the water points at Grindley Brook which wasn't very far. When we got to the water points the first water point had nobody on it so we were able to tie up and fill with water, while the tank was filling Kev took the cassette to empty and when he got back and the tank was full I got the windlass and walked to see the lockie at the staircase flight. There was a boat already in the top lock and the lockie told me I could fill it again once the boat was in the next lock down and so Kev brought the boat in and we were soon down all 3 of the staircase locks and onto the next lock after the staircase.
In Grindley lock No.5
By the time we had got through Willeymoor lock we thought that we would moor below the lock and will stay here a couple of days,  it is forecast to rain tomorrow so thats a cleaning day for me! We will probably go in the pub on Saturday night and may have a bite to eat there 😋

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