Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tomorrow is here today

Thursday 3rd July

Yesterday we arrived back at Barton Turns Marina around 1.30pm and unloaded the car with groceries etc and got them onto the boat. Kev popped Buster for a walk while I was sorting things on the boat, Kev then washed the roof and the side and cleared some cobwebs which everybody seems to get plenty of on their boats! Our friend Nigel was going to join us for a couple of weeks on his boat "Tomorrow" he had left his marina at Shardlow on Tuesday evening, he arrived and moored outside the marina about 3.45pm  yesterday and walked to us on our berth. We had a beer & some Quiche  and then we decided to leave the marina and moor outside on the towpath with Nigel ready to leave this morning.
Tomorrow moored behind Rock & Roll
A Likely looking pair!!

This morning we left our moorings and headed off, I stayed on the boat while Kev did the locks and helped Nigel to get through the locks too as he is single handed.
On our way through to Alrewas you go through this bridge which looks quite tight but is fine, Nigel was not far behind.
Looking back where Nigel is just approaching  the same bridge
The last lock in Alrewas
This swan and her cygnets were looking well as were lots of proud ducks with their ducklings and there seem to be lots of moorhens with young too, what a lovely time of year with everything blooming and full of life!

When we got to Fradley Kev left Nigel to do the locks himself as it was quite busy and so we carried on until we got through all the locks and once we had got through Woodend lock we moored not far away while Nigel caught us up and we had a bite to eat before setting off again knowing that we had no more locks to do. I am really disapointed that I didn't have the camera at hand as Nigel stepped to get on our boat his foot slipped on the grass and he went into the cut and he was soaked just a above the knees! What a spoil sport he ran to his boat so I couldn't get a photo!! We had a good cruise stopping briefly at Rugely so Kev could replenish the beer stocks!! We carried on and moored close to Taft bridge. It has been a lovely day the weather has been good although a bit breezy art times the sun when it was out was glorious. Kev got the BBQ out and we sat with a few beers too a perfect end to the day.

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