Monday, 22 September 2014

A Trip to Jerusalem!

Monday 22nd September

This morning we decided to go through the next lock & turn around and move moorings so we could be in the sun for the solar panels! So we are now moored close to the Sainsbury supermarket and it has been a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and warm too.
 This is the old BW building and we winded here 
The building to the left is the HM customs!
 The entrance to the canal is just to the left where the narrowboat is moored on the pontoon
Once we had got on our new moorings, Kev Nigel & myself went for a walk and got to the Trent river and then we walked back along the canal and headed into the town and we wanted to find a pub which is the oldest one in England!
And we found it! 

 The pub was like a rabbit warren  with lots of little rooms, the monks used to have a brewery in this building.

 Looking up this was a chimney when the monks had the brewery

Of course we had to have a pint while we were there & we sat outside in the sun for a bit before leaving and headed back to the boat but I will go back tomorrow while Kev is in Scotland & Nigel is leaving too & he will get back to Shardlow as he has things to do. The castle is just round the corner from the pub so I am looking forward to that.

The rock is like this all around the castle with newer buildings built into it.


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