Friday, 26 September 2014

A walk up the Erewash Canal & into new marina & home

Friday 26th September

Yesterday after mooring on the pontoon at Trent lock, we went for a walk onto the Erewash Canal, passing the Steamboat pub we passed several houseboats

 This houseboat has an upstairs!
This boat made us laugh when we read it!
 We walked back towards Trent Lock and we went into the Steamboat pub for a pint and sat outside in the sunshine then went back to R&R for some tea. Nigel drove over to see us at 7pm and we the had a walk back to the Steamboat pub for a couple of drinks and a chat. The pub is very dog friendly and the landlord said that one night there were 16 dogs and 12 people in the pub!
It was a bit cloudy this morning and a bit breezy but we had a good cruise to Sawley locks and then onto our new marina Chapel Farm &  Kev managed to reverse onto the berth  although it was quite breezy and we then packed the car and Kev checked that the water & gas was turned off on the boat and then we set off for home. As we arrived at our house the for sale sign was up! We will get the keys on Monday for the cottage, my daughter Kirsty will be coming over from Majorca next Thursday as it is Sam's 16th birthday on the 6th October so its all go!!


  1. Hi Ann & Kev,
    Love the boat name, made me smile too :)
    Hope you are both feeling OK after your visit to the pub. I guess
    the Landlord forgot to tell you about his recent uninvited visitors :(

  2. Hi kevin, yes we thought it was funny. I forgot about the uninvited visitors the landlord mentioned them last night I think he had to close while they got them evicted!
    Ann & Kev