Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back Home

Wednesday 3rd September

Yesterday morning we left our mooring and made our way through our first lock of the day at Shardlow, it was a lovely day and quite warm so it was a T-Shirt day! By the time we were at the lock at Stenson there was a boat already in the lock and we sounded our horn to try to get them to wait for us to share the lock, I managed to get Kev off at the landing and he ran up to the lock but the people were already filling the lock! We thought that they would have emptied the small amount of water that they had started to fill the lock but oh no they just carried on! Anyway I decided to let Kev take the boat in this lock and I would set the lock for him as he had done all the locks while I took the boat through the locks, well how lucky for him that another boat came up to the lock and so he had someone to share the lock with!
Anyway we carried on and was going to head for our marina but it was such a lovely day we decided to stop for the day after we had got through Willington and moored after bridge 25. We got the sun loungers out and sat in the sun with a couple of nice cold beers!!
This morning we were up and about early as usual and made our way to Barton Turns Marina and we passed a boat that we know is on quite a few people's blogs "Chance"moored close to Branston Water Park. When we got back to the marina we packed the car and walked the dog then once we were sorted we headed home and managed to get back before sam got home from school!
It is Sam's 16th birthday on 6th October and Kev has just taken him to buy him a 50cc bike and arranged his CBT.
No photo's left the camera on boat!!


  1. Hi Kev and Ann, we wondered how we missed you yesterday, we obviously were not about early enough as we knew we would pass you at some point, hope to meet up next time, Best Wishes James and Doug

  2. Hi James & Doug, yes we were early & we couldn't see any signs of life as we passed you, we hope to meet you both at some point take care.

  3. Thats what happens after a night out with the Indigo Dreamers!!