Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bollington at the weekend & down through Bosley Locks

Tuesday 29th September
On Thursday we moored on the visitor moorings close to the Clarence Mill on the Bollington Aqueduct. We really liked Bollington it is bigger than we had realised, and we had a walk down to the Coop shop for a few bits of shopping on Thursday afternoon and then took Jaz down onto the recreation field. We had walked around Bollington with Jaz and found The Poachers arms which was about a 20 minute walk as a man on another boat told Kev it was a nice pub and also we had passed The Spinners Arms which we knew from Paul & Elaine's blog (The Manly Ferry) that it was also a good pub. So Saturday night we decided to go for a drink in these pubs and I must admit there were quite a lot of people out and when we went in The Spinners Arms there was a very good atmosphere in there and they had a sign up offering free chip butties while the  England/Wales Rugby match was on. We could see why Paul & Elaine liked this pub and it was dog friendly too not that we had Jaz with us but it is good to know. We then had a walk unto The Poachers Inn and it was a nice pub with a few people eating and it too had the rugby on but for us The Spinners is more our kind of pub on our way back we also stopped at the Cotton pub and that was very friendly too and we got chatting to a local man who had lived there all his life and he was 79 years old so Bollington must be a good place to live! We then stopped for our last drink in the Spinners and it was really busy, must have been all those chip butties!
Sunday morning and we left Bollington and we wanted to moor at Gurnett Aqueduct as we decided to try The Sutton Hall pub for some food.
Passing Adelphi Mill Bollington
This was someones 80 year old birthday party but not sure who it was!
Jaz can now see where we are going!
In the sun but rugged up & this year it seems that a lot of horses have been rugged up through the summer, what summer?
Think this heron is looking the wrong way to catch a fish!
We had a pleasant cruise to Gurnett Aqueduct and the sun was warming up nicely although iy was cool when we were in the shade. Once we had moored up and had Jaz for a quick walk we then went to Sutton Hall and asked if they had a table, they were booked up but managed to get us on a small table, we both had the rare roast beef and we hadn't realised it said rare as we didn't have our glasses on, Kev can eat rare beef and he didn't mind it I don't mind a little blood but this was RARE! Anyway I ate some of the meat but gave Kev the rest. Anyway my fault so not able to judge it properly but the staff were friendly and helpful and Sutton Hall is really a lovely place. We then walked back to the boat and got Jaz and had a walk down to The Old Kings head pub and sat outside in the sunshine  with a pint.
Yesterday morning  as we were leaving Kev stayed on the boat and I walked with Jaz for a bit then Kev stopped at a bridge & I got on board with her. We were soon at Bosley locks and we pulled in at the side of the services to fill with water & empty cassette etc. Then 3 volunteer lockies turned up so when we had finished at the services Kev backed the boat out and I went to the lock and the lockies had got it ready for Kev to go straight in, I then set off walking down to the next lock where there was a boat coming up so that was easy & quite a few boats coming up which makes things a lot easier. When we finally were down through the last lock Kev went on to see if there were any moorings while I closed the lock gates, we were quite surprised to see there were only 3 boats moored here so we got moored easy. We will stay here while tomorrow as I want to do some cleaning and Kev wants to polish the towpath side of the boat.
Looking across the canal
plenty of room
Jaz enjoys her walks
The view across the canal at 6.45 am


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Spinners, we really liked it, just a good old fashioned traditional pub.

  2. Hi Paul & El
    Yes it really our type of pub too!
    Ann & Kev

  3. Jaz has grown so fast, seems only a little while ago when you were introducing that little bundle!

  4. Yes she is growing up and is 5months old on Sunday
    Ann & Kev