Monday, 4 July 2016

Celebrities at Sonning

Monday 4th July
We had a nice few days at Marlow, on Saturday we had a lovely walk along the Thames path to Temple lock with Jaz and in the evening we went into Marlow for a few drinks in a few of the pubs.
On Sunday morning I put a wash on and then we left Marlow at just after 9am and headed for the lock close by, there was a cruiser also heading to the lock as we pulled away from our mooring and as there wasn't a lockie on duty the people on the cruiser worked the lock.
The suspension bridge at Marlow
Just after the bridge this house has a very odd summer house!
A more conventional home.
Bisham Priory
This little boat was belching out plenty of smoke so I am glad we weren't moored next to it.
Anyone fancy an ice-cream
Another fantastic house, I think it is for sale if anybody interested!

When we had got up Hurley lock we pulled over to the services & filled with water etc. The weather was being kind to us with the sun shining all the way to Medmenham where we managed to get moored, even though there wasn't a lot of room at least we got the bow in so it was easy to get Jaz off and me too! 

Once we were moored securely we went for a walk with Jaz to the Dog & Badger pub which was about a 20 minute walk.

A very dog friendly pub, they have treats on the bar, one of the staff brought Jazz some outside to us.

We had a BBQ when we returned to the boat, it was cloudy at times but warm & No rain!
 Jazz was a good girl but we had to tether her as there were sheep in the field
This morning it was a lovely sunny morning and we were soon on our way, leaving at about 9am. A little further on from where we were moored there was a rally with quite a few caravans & motorhomes

Passing the site of the rally this morning, plenty of blue skies!
Very neat.

After Hambledon Lock it wasn't far before we were along the course of the Henley Regatta that thankfully was finished now so it was nice & quiet cruising towards Henley. There was plenty of activity though, but only from the workers taking the Marquees down etc.
Heading past all the tents for the Henley Regatta along the course on the river

 These lads were taking all the floating pontoon down along with a large marquee that was on it!

Close to the marquee was this Rolls Royce

A good use of an old double decker bus.
Looking towards Henley
Very pretty little riverside properties here.
It wasn't long before we came to Marsh Lock and we were just waiting at the lock landing when the lock gates opened and a familiar boat came towards us, it was Bacchus with Flo & Ken. We had been moored at Crick marina on our first boat 4EverMoore with them and we hadn't seen them for a few years, but we saw them briefly when we were moored on the Grand Union on our way towards Paddington.
Flo talking to Kev as they were passing us.
A super thatched property
Could that be Michael Jackson? Maybe not!
We then went up Shiplake lock and once again pulled over to the services & Kev emptied a cassette while I took Jazz to stretch her legs. It had started to get a bit cloudy but we were only heading to Sonning and we managed to get moored close to Uri Gellars home. We were speaking to a nice man when we were going for a walk, he lives on his boat here at Sonning and told us that George Clooney also owns a property here and it is through Sonning bridge. So when we leave I will try to get a photo, the man had told us of a nice pub "The Bull"so we had a walk and had a pint sat outside and what a lovely old pub it is.
The Bull Inn
Uri Gellars house, all that for bending spoons!
Kev took this of our mooring from the opposite side of the river 

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  1. Hi Ann, Kev, Ken and Flo off Baccus are volunteer lockies and they ‘managed’ our passage through Braunston Tunnel when we launched SR. Good to see them out and about and traveling in our direction too! Hope you’re enjoying the river Thames in the sunshine. x