Friday, 8 July 2016

Moored at Wallingford

Friday 8th July
On Wednesday we didn't move far, we got up through Whitchurch lock and then we found a mooring at Beale park where we stayed and had a lazy day. Kev did a BBQ about 2pm and it was so peaceful, not many boats passing and nobody at all on foot so Jaz was able to be off the boat without us worrying about her bothering people as when she sees anybody she jumps up at them as she is so fussy and not everyone likes dogs!
Heading to Whitchurch Lock which is just through the bridge.
Moored here.
No sign of Humphrey Boghart!
So pretty but don't know what it is? Not in my bird book.
Black headed gull

Yesterday morning we were away from our Beale Park mooring and had a steady cruise heading to Goring.
Gatehampton railway bridge
An empty large property with a lot of smashed windows, such a shame to see!
Cormorants on the lookout
A strange looking summer house, very hot in the sun!

We managed to get moored at the visitor moorings at Goring, we went for a walk into the village with Jaz and we then had a bite to eat and decide to move on.
Looking down from Goring bridge, R&R looks tinny moored behind the cruiser!
Heading to Goring lock
When we got to Cleeve lock it was on self service and so I went to do the lock, there was a couple of boats coming down, one was very strange...
What an awful looking boat!
There is a water point above the lock so we topped up with water then set off again.
An Italian restaurant, mooring for diners here.
Continuing on we finally managed to moor through Wallingford bridge opposite The Boat House pub.
Boat House pub

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