Friday, 15 July 2016

Waking up to some terrible news on the telly!

Friday 15th July
What terrible news to wake up to this morning, we turned the news on to hear about the terrorist attack in Nice. Our hearts go out to all the people who lost someone in this horrific attack & for all the injured that are in hospital fighting for their lives. It must have been terrible to witness this event too & I can only think it must have been carnage.
Anyway yesterday was a lovely day and Kev managed to finally get one side of the boat washed & I went for a walk into Oxford while Kev stayed behind with Jaz. I took a few photos as I had a walk around so here they are....

Yesterday afternoon about 5pm a boat came along and wanted to moor in the space in front of us, but there was a man fishing there and he was refusing to move! The woman on the bow of the boat had got off with the head rope ready to tie up once her husband on the tiller had brought the stern in, but all they both got was a lot of abuse from the fisherman, he said "I have paid for my fishing license and don't see why I should move for you bloody boaters"! Anyway he got his way and the couple on the boat moved off, the fisherman packed up just before 6pm and left a good mooring empty for the night! No more to say!!
This morning after we finished watching the news we had breakfast and then Kev took Jaz for  a walk to the recreation field and when he came back we had a cuppa & then left about 9.10 am. It was a completely different day to yesterday, instead of wearing T-shirts it was sweatshirts! 
Leaving this morning, The Punters pub behind the tree.

Osney Bridge is very low!
This is the lowest bridge we have been through since we got onto the Thames! We had to drop the canopy for this one!
Plenty of trees have been chopped down here
Plenty of logs piled up, it looks like a boaters dream!
Through this footbridge is Port Meadow, you have to keep to the centre of the river as it is shallow to the right side.
Well thats one way to moor!
Think they will get their feet wet getting off!
Keeping to the centre!
Leaving Godstow lock
Just after Godstow lock is the remains of Godstow Abbey
Then there is Godstow bridge
Kings lock
After we left Kings Lock we passed the entrance for The Oxford Canal (Known as Dukes Cut)
We carried on and when we got through Eynsham lock we stopped at the water point and topped up with water, I took Jaz for a walk and Kev emptied the cassette and we were on our way again.
Shortly before we arrived at Pinkhill lock we passed a familiar boat..
A quick wave to Sharon & Richard on Nb OakApple.
When we were up through Pinkhill lock we moored just around the corner on the 24 hour moorings, close to Farmoor Reservoir.

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