Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Back aboard for a short trip

Tuesday 10th March

Here we are back on the boat for a week, Kev actually came to the boat on Saturday on his bike as I was unable to come as I had to have an Endoscopy yesterday, been having trouble with my stomach! Won't go into that!! Endoscopy not a nice experience I have to say I think I would rather give birth!
Anyway I arrived at the marina this morning around 10.30 am and Kev had the kettle on for a cuppa, Nigel was also there too although he was going home later but helped us unload the car & while I unpacked my things Kev took Buster for a quick walk & then we said our goodbyes to Nigel and left the marina about 11.20 am. What a lovely day it has been lovely sunshine but at times a bit cool but then again it is still early March, I haven't got any photos as there wasn't really much happening and we only met one boat which was a hire boat and that was at Aston Lock, we were just entering the lock as they were coming the opposite way, a family from Canada who said they had enjoyed the canal holiday. It really is nice to see people from all over coming to the UK to enjoy boating on the canals. Anyway we finally moored above Stenson lock about 4.15 pm and it is just starting to get cool so we now have the fire lit  and are all snug.

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