Friday, 23 October 2015

Out with the old in with the new!

Friday 23rd October
On Wednesday we headed for Shobnall fields and moored so we were able to let Jaz have a good few runs on the playing field and also she was able to mix and play with a few dogs which is great for her.
Yesterday we left Shobnall fields at about 9.45am, it was quite windy and I walked to Dallow lock to get it ready for Kev who was following me on R&R. As I had just filled the lock and Kev was heading into it a boat came so we were able to leave the gates open for them. I must admit it was like pea soup in the lock, it was full of leaves but it is that time of year again.
We have been having problems with the batteries for a bit now, with them not holding a charge for long so Kev made the decision to buy new ones, he had rung Midland Chandlers up to see if they had the batteries he wanted in stock and so we made our way to Mercia marina. It always seems to be windy in any marina and yesterday was no exception, we managed to get moored on the Midland chandler pontoon and Kev was soon back with the 4 new Albion sealed for life batteries 115a.h.
As it was very windy in the marina Kev left the stern rope tied onto the pontoon and pushed the front of the boat away from the pontoon and let the wind push us around to face the exit and once we were round he let the stern rope go and we were on our way out of the marina. We then turned right back onto the Trent & Mersey canal and we travelled a short distance to moor up just passed the railway bridge so Kev could get the old batteries out and the new ones in. Job done and we stayed put last night and this morning moved on up to the moorings outside The Green Dragon pub where we will stay for the weekend.

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