Thursday, 31 March 2016

Moored at Braunston

Thursday 31st March

On Tuesday morning we moved off our mooring and onto the water point close by to top up the tank, once we were full Kev walked to the stop lock while I brought R&R round.
Looking back to the junction
Ready to leave the stop lock.
As we got around the first bend  & through the footbridge we could see something in the canal and as we got closer....
I think Sue on Nb No Prblem had commented on this?
The towpaths are in a very bad state and in places are like quagmires, so finding somewhere to moor for lunch and let Jaz off without getting thick mud was a challenge but we managed to moor just before bridge 26 where it wasn't too bad, and once we had a sandwich & Jaz had been out we headed off again.
Spotted this squirrel having something to eat along the way.
When we approached Newbold tunnel  we noticed all the lights that used to light up the roof of the tunnel were not on at all, the last time we came through here only a few were on so now it is in darkness but it is only a short tunnel and you are through it in minutes.
Through Newbold Tunnel
As we were approaching the visitor moorings we spotted a familiar boat...
As we passed we saw Both Sue & Vic  through the window so Kev sounded the horn and Sue came out onto the bow.
Sue always has a smile on her face!
We had a brief chat and will probably see Sue & Vic on the Thames. We wanted some shopping so as we got through bridge 58 at Rugby we were going to moor on the towpath side to got to the Tesco  but it was so muddy we moved across to the other side and moored on the 24 hour mooring. I don't know if anybody knows how long there has been a water point there! No signs at the water point so we moored just passed it leaving plenty of room for anybody who wanted to use it, plenty of boats that passed said they hadn't realised a water point was there and nobody stopped to use it! A lady who was moored ahead of us told us that there is no cassette emptying there now, but we didn't need either the water or to empty a cassette. There are a lot more new shops at the retail park here now, a bit of a walk but there is plenty to choose from if you want to do a bit of retail therapy, too many for me to write.
Yesterday we didn't outstay our 24 hours and left around 10am, as we got to the first locks at Hillmorton there was a couple of volunteer lockies and so we went straight into the lock. Kev got off there and helped with the paddles and then the lockie told him to go to the next lock to get it ready for  me but there was a boat coming out of one of them so I was able to go straight in once again. 
In the second lock
Nearly ready to leave the last lock at Hillmorton
We stopped just beyond the Barby straight to let Jaz have a walk and have a sandwich and then we set off towards Braunston.
a tiny bunny sitting close to the rabbit hole for safety!
Lovely to see some spring lambs
Braunston church not too far away
We were hoping to get moored in Braunston but all the moorings were full and so we ended up going up 3 of the locks and moored in the pound between locks 3&4, we wanted to moor before lock 3 near the Admiral Nelson pub but the towpath was too muddy and as Kev went to the lock it was very slippery under the bridge at lock 3, I chuckled to myself as he nearly fell into the mud but I was glad he never as I didn't have the camera ready! We have never seen the towpaths so muddy!


  1. I think that waterpoint at Brownsover has only been in proper operation for a couple of weeks. They did install one a couple of months ago but it didn't work properly.. Now seemingly reports are coming in that it is fully working. Handy that.

    Now that 31st March has come then there will be more spaces on the 24 and 48's for mooring. 14 days they have been through the winter. We had to move ourselves today as we had been 10 days on the 48 at Newbold.

    I have enjoyed the relazation by CRT this year it certainly has helped the continuous cruiser. Just felt a tad guilty I was hogging a short term mooring over Easter.

    1. Hi Sue, I should have said Brownsover always forget & say Rugby! Thanks for the comment about the water point & moorings.

  2. We're following you Ann. Came through Braunston Tunnel this afternoon. Moored just east of the tunnel now. Heading down the GU tomorrow.

  3. Hi Mick,
    We are moored after bridge 26 Stowe Hill Wharf so we may see you if yo pass