Friday, 14 August 2015

Back on board

Friday 14th August
We are currently moored at Branston Water Park visitor moorings, we had left home on Tuesday morning and arrived at Shardlow Marina late morning. My brother John is over in the UK for several weeks, he lives with his partner Marcella & daughter Beatriz in Brazil. Every year he goes to Ireland to a fishing festival that he has been going to for many years. While he is in the UK he stays at our mams house before leaving for Ireland and as he had hired a car he brought us to the marina as we have left our car at home while we are out on the boat until November time. We didn't want to leave it on the marina as where our mooring is it can sometimes flood & also Kev has left it plugged into a battery charger & it has a fitted cover on it. While we have been at home Jaz had her final vaccinations and loved the garden but unfortunately she seems to want to chew at everything in the garden! There is an Ivy hedge that separates us from a neighbour and I had cut it and she had some ivy in her mouth, she then developed a really bad rash which made her itch like mad. When I took her to the vet for her vaccination I told the vet who gave me some shampoo to help relieve the itching, as she was unable to give her any medication at that time as it would interfere with vaccination. We bathed her a couple of times and it did ease it slightly but she was still scratching and the rash looked very sore so I took her back to the vets a few days later and she was given a steroid injection and it is slowly going and she isn't scratching much now, and it is not keeping her awake in the night! She had got toxin from the sap in the ivy and I never gave it a thought when I cut the hedge as when we had Buster he had never touched anything like that, you seem to forget what puppies can get upto when it has been 14 years since Buster was a pup.
Anyway she is now on a lead and isn't impressed when we put her harness on but is fine once we are out with her and she now sits when I give her a treat or her meals and she has grown quite a bit too.
On Tuesday after we had got sorted on the boat our John took me to Long Eaton for some shopping, and then about 6pm we had a walk to New Inn pub for something to eat, which I have to say was very nice. On Wednesday morning we were up very early as John needed to get back to Hull to take our mam to a doctors appointment and after a bacon butty he left @ 5.45am! He was home by 8am, Kev managed to get both sides of R&R washed before we left the marina mid morning. The weather was good and we got to Willington and moored for the day not far from the Dragon pub, there were quite a few people in the beer garden so we decided it was time to take Jaz to her first venue! The Pub! We sat outside with her and she was very fussy trying to get to as many people as her lead could reach!
Yesterday morning we were up & ready to leave Willington at 7.30 am, we were planning to moor at Branston Water Park and as we came through the the bridge next to the Bridge pub there were plenty of moorings and we noticed a boat moored a little way along and the man on the towpath next to the boat looked familiar and so too did the boat! The man was Terry and the boat was Roosters Rest! We had just been wondering where Pam & Terry where and how odd that the last time we were moored with them it was here, only a few weeks ago. So once again it was lovely to see the two of them, they were planning to leave Branston yesterday and they left later in the afternoon. We hope to see them again soon.

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