Monday, 31 August 2015

A good weekend with family

Monday 31st August
We are currently moored at Nantwich and got here on Thursday but haven't been here all the time as we had visitors on Friday. Kev's son Lee & his girlfriend Vicky came to stay for the weekend and so on Friday afternoon we had a cruise to The Barbridge Inn and moored on their moorings, we went for a meal in the evening and although it was nice as far as we were concerned there wasn't a great deal of selection on the menu and we wouldn't rush back there to eat.

Vicky, Lee & Kev 

The view of the pub from our mooring
On Saturday morning Lee & Vicky took Jaz for a walk while Kev & I got things ready for us to leave.
Jaz is really enjoying her walks now
Once they were back on board we headed off towards Barbridge junction so we could turn around and we then headed for Hurleston junction where we turned right towards Llangollen, Lee & Vicky went to the flight of 4 locks and emptied  the first lock for us as there were no boats coming down that we could see, then as the lock had filled, Kev got off the boat and went to help them as we got up into the 3rd lock we could see the volunteer lockie helping a boat that had just got into the top lock so I waited in the 3rd lock while they came out of the top lock and we were able to pass each other in the pound. Once we were through the flight of locks we stopped at the water point where we filled the tank with water, emptied the cassette & got rid of rubbish. 
 Lee & Vicky getting the lock ready

Lee at the tiller with Vicky
We didn't pass many boats but when we got to Swanley lock number 2, there was a queue of 3 boats ahead of us so we had to wait a while.
Our crew keeping fit between locks!
We had decided that we would moor for the night at Wrenbury and so Kev rang the Cotton Arms pub to book a table for something to eat as it gets busy there as there is a caravan site behind the pub and with it being bank holiday weekend we thought it better to make sure we could get a table & they got us booked in for 6.45pm. We managed to get moored on the visitor moorings before the electric lift bridge and we all got ready and headed off to get something to eat and I must say the meals were all excellent! 
Yesterday morning while Kev went to turn around at Alvechurch boat yard I walked with Jaz to the  manual lift bridge & waited for him there and once he was through I lowered the bridge and both Jaz and I got back aboard. Along the way back we noticed a couple of swans looking a bit worried and then we saw 3 men on the towpath who had 4 large cygnets, 3 of which had their legs tied but they didn't seem stressed, the other cygnet was being ringed by one of the men & having its wing measured. One of the other men was recording the  details & number on a clip board

We had a nice journey back to Nantwich and managed to moor up close to the slope that heads down away from the canal where there is a lay-by at the bottom and where Lee had left his car. I cooked us something to eat while Kev helped Lee & Vicky pack there things back into the car and once they had eaten we took Jaz with us to see them off on their journey home to Hull. 

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