Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Moored at Penkridge for appointment with the vet

Wednesday 19th August
We left Alrewas on Sunday morning in good weather and headed towards Fradley and didn't meet any boats until we got to Fradley, the volunteer lockies were at most of the locks so it made things easier.
Lovely new thatched roof on this cottage in Alrewas
Kev wanted to get the poles & gangplank painted so we wanted a mooring that wasn't close to houses so he could use his grinder & his mouse to sand them down without disturbing people so we found a spot at Handsacre where we moored for the day.
 Jaz having a walk with Kev
Kev managed to get the primer & undercoat on but had to leave the topcoat as it was too late, so he would leave it until we moved. 
Looking back from our mooring at Handsacre
Jaz very comfy on Kev's jacket

On Monday morning we left Handsacre and stopped to do some shopping at Rugely, we then carried on and managed to get moored near Taft Birdge, where Kev managed to get the poles & gangplank finished. We needed Diesel & gas so yesterday morning we moved across to the diesel boat moored alongside the small holding, as we were getting alongside Kev took the rope and got onto the diesel boat and as he did the young lad who lives on the boat came out to us and we filled up with diesel @ 60 pence a litre and a gas bottle @ £22, with the wallet a lot lighter we set off towards Gt Haywood and as we got to Colwich Lock there was a boat coming down so that was good and then there were several boats on the move. We turned onto the Staffs & Worcester canal and had a pleasant cruise to Penkridge where we are moored at the moment. We needed to get here as we have once again got to take Jaz to see a vet! She still has a rash and spots that are itching her like mad and she has had a steroid injection given to her by our vet at home but the problem is still there, my friend Gail had said that clear Aloe Vera would help to sooth the itching so I got some when we were in Alrewas and I must admit it has helped her a lot. We have an appointment at 9.20am so once we are back aboard we will leave here and head for Gailey. Yesterday as we were going through a bridge Kev got a bit of grit in his eye and he was suffering all day as we couldn't get it out in fact I couldnt even see anything, he tried all sorts and still his eye was very painful and swollen, so when we got moored up here yesterday I poured loads of water into his eye & we think it has got it sorted as this morning he said he can't feel anything but his eye is puffed up with all the rubbing he did.

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  1. Lovely to see Jaz relaxing on the back of RnR, I hope the itching has been sorted now and that Kev’s eye is getting back to normal. Lovely to read your blog, it still gives us a bit of a ‘catch-in-the-throat’ when we do! Happy cruising! xx