Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Good moorings at Cool Pilate

Wednesday 26th August
It wasn't a bad start to the day yesterday morning and was dull at times but dry, we left our mooring at Market Drayton about 8am (which seems to be our usual time just now) and only went through bridge 62 where we stopped to top up the water tank as we hadn't filled it up when we were at the last water point at Tyrley locks. then with the tank full we set off and it wasn't long until we noticed a boat we knew...
Nb Piston Broke 
We hadn't seen this boat for a while and we know it had been sold as the previous owners had a blog.
It was a busy cruise as we went down through the 5 Adderley locks with a boat ahead of us and nothing coming up we had each one to fill! The weather was still dry and was quite warm when the sun decided to show itself and by the time we got to the start of the 15 locks at Audlem the boat that was ahead of us at Adderley locks was now still ahead of us at these and so we had to fill the first 3 locks up before a couple of boats came up which made things a bit easier. After lock 11 we found a space to moor and stopped for  a bite to eat before setting off once again to finish the last 4 locks in the flight of locks here. It started to drizzle as we got into lock 13 but we carried on through the last lock with a boat still ahead of us. It was still raining when we got to our present mooring at Cool Pilate between bridges 83 & 84. After we had moored and all sorted Kev started to read some blogs and noticed that on Nb No Problems boat was a blogger that was actually moored in front of us! Nb Bendigidig! Kev took Jaz for a little walk and had a chat to Eric & Elsie but he never got a photo, they left today before I could get our camera out.

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