Saturday, 22 August 2015

Big Fish at Gailey

Saturday 22nd August
On Thursday morning I noticed 2 moorhens across the canal so I opened the galley window and threw them some bread which they took across to the other side of the canal and didn't come back for any more bread which I found strange and then all of a sudden there was a big noise in the water and a large fish took a piece of the bread. I threw some more bread out and watched to see if it came back, and it did along with his friends! We counted 5 of them all together and I am no fishing expert but think they were Carp, Kev & I both laughed as my brother John is in Ireland taking part in a fishing festival that is a yearly event and we think he would have loved to catch one of these......

The fish were around for quite a while and the moorhens only came back when they had gone so I gave them a little bit of bread before we got ready to leave. 
Gailey top lock 
Through the narrow cutting
We moored just before the turning at  Autherley junction for a bite to eat and take Jaz for a little walk and then we left and turned onto the Shroppie and through the stop lock with a small cruiser coming towards us I left the gate open for them and got aboard R&R and there wasn't much activity boat wise.

Jaz in what now is her favourite position
A lovely little boat
We moored for the day between bridges 7&8 where there are rings to tie onto so we didn't need to use our hooks or pins. Yesterday morning we left about 8 am and went the short distance to Brewood where we moored through bridge 14 and went for a walk to the shops for a top up of provisions, it is about a 10 minute walk to the village shops and it is a lovely place, there is a shop that sells really lovely cheese and one in particular is a favourite of mine & it is called Black Bomber so I bought some of that! We took Jaz for the walk with us & she is doing really well, she loves meeting people & dogs & she is getting well socialised, she even sits at the kerbside of the roads(well most of the time) The medication the vet gave us seems to be working finally the rash is almost gone and the itching has almost stopped too. Anyway when we returned to the boat with our shopping I put it all away while Kev let go of the ropes and we were on our way again.
Passing over Stretton Aqueduct

The boat above was owned by a couple (as we think it is for sale) who made a TV documentary a few years ago about them crossing the English channel on their narrowboat and ending up at the Mediterranean although this is not the original boat as we believe that it was destroyed by fire on their subsequent return to the UK.

More boats in the same boatyard
And this little wooden one
When we got to Wheaton Aston Lock there was a boat coming up so we didn't wait long to go down  and we stopped at one of the water points here and filled up the tank. Once we were all filled up we headed off again we noticed the price of diesel at Turners at bridge 19 was 55.9 pence per litre. We hadn't had any rain until we passed through Gnosall but it didn't last and the sun came out and it was lovely and warm as we arrived at Norbury Junction where we moored for the day. We had a walk with Jaz to the pub and sat in the beer garden but there were loads of wasps about so we drank up and had a walk round to the shop where the small chandlery is. We will stay here over the weekend.
Our mooring at Norbury Junction

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