Saturday, 15 August 2015

Chance meeting with villagers!

Saturday 15th August
Yesterday was absolutely miserable weatherise, it rained most of the day with a brief break in the afternoon so we took Jaz for a walk into Branston village and after we got back to R&R the rain started yet again! We were sat having a beer when Kev noticed a boat coming passed, the people looked very familiar to us and then we realised who they were. It was a couple who live in Roos where we have just moved from, Pete & Julia on their boat nb Dignity! They moored up just a couple of boats away from us and they came aboard so out came a few beers and we had a good chat for a while before they went back to their boat for the evening. By this time I couldn't be bothered to cook so Kev went off to the Chinese takeaway in the village and very good it was too!
This morning it was a lot brighter and no rain thank goodness, so we decided to make a move but first we popped to say goodbye to Pete & Julia.

Pete, Julia & Chester

It was lovely to see fellow villagers and now fellow boaters! We will see you both in Black Horse, Roos later in the year!
We got back aboard R&R and left our mooring and we got to Tatenhill lock and with no boat in sight coming down I went & emptied the lock for Kev.
The Lock House B&B

Our Jaz growing up now!
We got up through Wynchor lock and onto the river section towards Alrewas and the river was flowing quite fast against us. 
The weir flowing fast
Finally moored in Alrewas!

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