Thursday, 14 April 2016

Moored next to Rushden & Diamond football ground

Thursday 14th April
Yesterday morning we left the 48 hour moorings just before Weston Favell lock about 9.30am, Kev had been to get the lock ready, he had a radio with him & told me when the lock was ready and so  Tim set off on his boat first & Kev came back to me and we set off into the lock too.
Leaving Weston Favell lock
It turned out to be a nice day with the sun shining it was a nice journey through the next 5 locks and as we were close to White Mills lock we moored for the day. There is a new marina which has only been open 10 days and the new owners came over to talk to us and gave us their card, they told us they were hoping to have their diesel delivered in a couple of days and also the footbridge that goes over the entrance should be in place shortly. There had been a couple walking past us and were a bit cross that they had been walking on the footpath here for 25 years and couldn't carry on but I am sure the bridge will be in place soon. We couldn't get moored close enough to the bank for Jaz to get off and Kev used the gangplank for the first time since we bought R&R! Jaz is a real scaredy cat and won't walk across so Kev has had to carry her each time!
No fear when Kev carries her!

Lazy Daisy moored ahead of us

The new White Mills Marina
You can see the support piling ready for footbridge

This morning we were away at about 8.45am it was drizzling a bit but didn't last and we were soon through White Mills lock.
Ponies at Earls Barton Lock
Kev had to help a woman passed these ponies, she was jogging and when she got here she was afraid to go passed, there was a foal with the mare directly in front of the picture and it is the first foal I have seen this year.
After we had done Upper Wellingborough lock there were some 48 hour moorings where the park is and a water point too, we topped our tank up and then moved back to let Tim get his boat alongside the water point to fill his tank too. I had a short walk to the Tesco for some odd bits and then when I came back we had a bite to eat and then both boats headed off once again. the weather had improved and the sun was out which I was glad about as I had done a wash before we left White Mills this morning.
Jaz is like Buster, she loves sitting here!
Approaching high rail bridge & just missed getting a photo of a train "typical"
The A45 runs close by at one point
Approaching High road bridge (A6) & just beyond is another bridge
The next bridge is an arched bridge and you need to go through the largest arch and it took us a bit by surprise as you go through it you turn quite sharply to the left.

Tim coming through just after us
Rushden & Diamonds football ground
We are now moored here and will stay a couple of days but Tim will head off tomorrow, I have managed to get my washing outside in the sunshine! There used to be a water point here but it is no longer here

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