Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday 5th April

While we moored at Stowe Hill Wharf  Nb Muleless passed us, they are hanging about waiting for Nb OakApple to join them. 
A quick hello to Gary & Della
On Sunday morning we decided to move and so we left Stowe Hill and had a short cruise to Bugbrooke and we moored after bridge 36 not too far from the Wharf pub. We had a walk with Jaz into the village and found the small shop there, it is another lovely village with lots of good footpaths for taking Jaz for walks.
These lambs are not shy at all!
On our way back from the village we walked over bridge 36 and went to the Wharf Inn and sat outside in the sunshine, I went to the bar and asked for a bowl of water for Jaz as she isn't allowed beer! Kev & myself however are! 
When we returned to the boat we were passed by another blogger on Nb LillyAnne and we managed to get outside to have a quick chat with Pip & Mick but I didn't have the camera to get a photo!
Yesterday we left Bugbrooke and made another short journey to Gayton Junction so we could fill the water tank, get rid of our rubbish and empty the cassette. We then  reversed & turned and moored after the 24 hour moorings facing back towards Bugbrooke. Kev took Jaz for a walk while I hung some washing at the stern, it was like Widow Twanky's in there! When Kev came back I had a shower & washed my hair and as I came out of the bathroom I could hear Kev talking to someone. It was Della & Gary Nb Muleless who we had passed on our way here, they were moored not far away from Gayton Junction. I dried my hair and got dressed and went to the stern to say hello it then started to rain so Kev invited Della & Gary on board for a cuppa. It was nice to have a chat with them    properly instead of having a quick wave as either of us are on the move passing each others boat.
We are hanging about too really as I have a hire car booked for Friday at 12pm picking me up at Gayton marina & I am going home for the weekend to see my mam, have my hair done, and a few other things too. Kev & Jaz will stay on board and meet me back here on Monday!

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