Friday, 20 March 2015

Finally House Sold!!

Friday 20th March
At last I got a phone call this afternoon from Nicky our solicitor to say, contracts have been exchanged! The completion day is next Tuesday 24th March so hopefully the new owners Mr & Mrs Tillotson from Leeds will move in. They came to view the house in November last year and put their offer in which we accepted, they had sold their house and said their buyers wanted to be in their house in 6 weeks so as we had the cottage we moved in  after Xmas and we had plenty of time to empty our house. We didn't expect it to drag on til now but apparently it was a couple who were further down the chain that caused the delay, the reason I won't get into.


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  2. Buying or selling a house always seems like such a long and complicated process, but it does work out in the end. It can be so difficult to get packed and moved, so I'm glad to see you had enough time to accomplish it. It isn't easy to wait for others to sell their home, but it looks like you can celebrate now.