Monday, 20 July 2015

Finally heading back to marina

Monday 20th July
We had left Hillmorton on Friday morning and stopped at Rugby to go to Tesco for some shopping and afterwards we was hoping to get moored for the night at Newbold and go for a pint but as we got to the visitor moorings they were full! So we carried on through Newbold Tunnel, it used to be lit with different coloured lights but alas now there are no lights at all! Anyway an uneventful cruise really and as we were approaching the bridge just before  Rose narrowboats, Kev noticed a familiar boat who also has a blog Nb OakApple was moored up there, we didn't see any signs of life and I forgot to take a photo! Finally we moored at Ansty just after what was bridge15 but there is no longer a bridge there at all now, we remembered passing there on 4EverMoore when Kev had to ring up BW to tell them that the bridge was in a very poor state and badly damaged so it was obviously not worth repairing. Although the bridge took you across to the pub opposite I think it was the Rose & Castle but we had a walk to it that night and just went to the next bridge 14 and walked along the footpath on the main road, it is a lovely pub but is mainly one for eating.
On Saturday morning we didn't go far, we moored at Hawkesbury Junction on the moorings before the stop lock and had a walk to The Greyhound pub at lunchtime for some food and very nice it was too!
Yesterday morning we didn't rush to get away as I had a tidy up and Kev did a couple of little jobs too, in between looking after Jaz who is doing well. When we were ready we pulled across to the water point at the stop lock and while we were filling with water  Kev walked to the Elsan point to empty the cassette. The water tank was very slow filling  and was still filling when Kev got back! Anyway once we were sorted I went to get the lock ready, not that it takes much as it is only about 9inches drop! Once through the stop lock Kev took R&R round onto the Coventry canal and after I had closed the lock gate I walked across to him and got back onboard, we hadn't got far  and we were approaching one of the moored boats when we noticed a man & woman on one of them and we thought we knew them, it happened to be a couple called Ken & Flo on their boat Bachus who we had first met when were en-route from Gt Haywood Marina on 4EverMoore to moor at  Crick marina. Nice to have seen you both again.

As we were approaching what used to be the Navigation pub at Bulkington bridge 14 we spotted this very impressive woodwork!

This was once the Navigation pub and is now a private residence and is absolutely stunning, I wanted to take a closer photo but the owners were there and I didn't like to impose.
Passing the entrance to the Ashby Canal at Marston Junction
Couldn't see Dr Who but his Tardis is in a garden in Nuneaton!
We passed Nb OakApple once again, they were moored I think  between bridges 28 & 29, sorry both of you can't remember where exactly it was, we did manage to say a quick hello this time!
We moored for the day just after bridge 33 before the winding hole.
Right, now then this morning we set off to Atherstone mooring up briefly before the bridge at Atherstone top lock, while I popped to the shop and Kev made a phone call to the repair centre where our car is, they say our car may be ready Friday this week and if it is then we will get back to Shardlow then go home and get Jaz her second & third injections at our local vets, then Kev is at a wedding too and once all that is done we will return to R&R and continue our cruising.
I got us some nice buns to have with a cuppa and very nice they were. I then walked to the top lock where there was a lockie on duty and there were 2 boats ahead of us waiting to go down the locks.  One of the boats ahead of us was called Stanley and it was a Steve Hudson boat, the man on board told me his wife reads our blog along with plenty more. We had a good journey down through the flight of locks stopping after the 9th one for something to eat and to let Jaz out of her cage for her food and a play about. We then did the last 2 of the Atherstone flight and made our way to Fazley junction where we are now moored on the visitor moorings on the Birmingham & Fazely canal and Stanley is moored further back from us too, nice to have spoken to you both.
Jaz had her first time at the stern!

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