Thursday, 30 July 2015

Happy 60th birthday Kev!

Wednesday 30th July

Today is Kev's 60th birthday and we are back home now, we travelled home yesterday morning.
On Monday morning we walked to the vets with Jaz and she had her second vaccination, she has seen 3 vets since we have had her and so every time she has been anywhere it has been to a vet! Our appointment was for 9.30 am and so we were back to the boat by 10am, and so we got Jaz settled in her cage and we moved across to the services at Willington and emptied the rubbish & cassette, we were quite low on water so we filled the tank up although not fully as we would be back at our marina later that day. We then turned round at the winding hole next to the services and made our way back to Shardlow.
On Tuesday Kev rang the repair centre  in Nottingham to see if the car was ready, and at last it was! They said they would send a car to pick Kev up, and so Kev arranged to meet them in the Navigation pub carpark as it was easier than trying to explain where the marina was and where we were moored.
We packed the car yesterday morning and I must admit I have never been worried about driving at all but was quite nervous going back onto the M1 motorway and so Kev drove as far as the Doncaster services on the M18 and then I drove from there home to Burton Pidsea. Home safe and sound!

 Jaz finally can get outside in the garden.

The car with all the passenger side replaced, from the front to the rear!!


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