Friday, 3 July 2015

Worcester to Upton Upon Severn

Friday 3rd July
It was quite misty on the river early this morning but then it lifted to reveal a lovely sunny morning shortly before we left the visitor mooring. We waited until after 8am before we approached Diglis Lock as we knew the lock keeper would be on duty then.
The mist on the river
Then the sun came out
Looking back from the stern
Passing the now disused dock, new developments! 

Diglis Lock
After leaving the lock we enjoyed a pleasant cruise and along the way there were quite a lot of fish that kept leaping out of the river and when we saw an angler he told us that they were in fact Salmon, which just shows the cleanliness of the Severn.

We moored at Upton upon Severn on the visitor moorings at Upton bridge, in our Nicholsons guide it says there is water here but the only water is up on the bank and is just a tap that you push and is only good for filling a kettle! Mind you we still have half a tank so we aren't desperate! We had a bite to eat for lunch and then went into the town for a walk round, what a lovely place it is. The photos speak for themselves....

 We sat outside this pub and had a pint 

 R&R moored on the pontoon

So many pubs so little time!!

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