Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Our first visitor

Monday 10th March
There was a lovely sky just as it was getting dusk at our mooring at Wiggins Hill bridge

It was lovely and peaceful here after being in Birmingham & was nice to let Buster off on the towpath with no other people or dogs about.
This morning Kev set about washing the side of the boat (towpath side) & I helped him polish it! 
We left the mooring just after 9.am and made our way to Fazeley  as we were going to get our first visitor at Drayton footbridge. Kev's friend Nigel has recently bought a boat and was looking forward  to come and see ours.

Kev & I had  a bite to eat (although Nigel had already eaten Fish & Chips!!) so we all had a cuppa. Kev showed Nigel the parts of the boat he is most interested in.... the engine etc!! Once Nigel had left we headed off to Fazeley junction & turned left onto the Coventry canal we moored just before bridge Sutton Road Bridge about 4.15pm. We had a walk to Asda & also went into Maplins for an adaptor as Kev had some VHF radios he had got from work and we had been unable to charge them as they are Chinese and so the plug was a flat pin one anyway success we got one.

Our mooring at Drayton Footbridge with not a very good photo of Kev at the stern but if you want somewhere to park your bike?......


  1. A brilliant job of polishing …. she looks great!

  2. Thanks Carol we still need to do other side yet! But we were happy with our work next time Kev will use his other polisher!

  3. Well that is handy we are heading your way, Kev could always practice a bit on No Problem who is desperate for a comforting rubbing down having waxed first!

    1. Hi Sue, we are moored in Fradley at the moment leaving this morning making our way slowly to Great Haywood booked in marina for Friday morning

  4. Rock N Roll has the best layout inside of any Narrowboat I've had the pleasure to look around.
    The previous owners have kept it so well maintained . A real gem of a boat.
    I'm very envious of your boat Ann and Kev. It's given me loads of ideas.
    Can't wait to meet up together but have to go to Malta tomorrow to inspect another oil rig.
    See you both soon.

    1. Thanks Nigel, I am sure Carol & George will be happy with your comments on Rock & Roll have a safe journey to Malta & see you soon