Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Different Horse power!

Thursday 20th March
Well we got back home on Saturday afternoon and got unpacked etc, we had a great first trip as the new owners of R&R apart from the business with the weed hatch but thats boating! Kev went back to work on Monday  but had to take his motorbike to a garage a few miles from us and left it there while he is away as it needs an MOT.  We are looking forward to our next trip on the boat which will be  about 11th April and we are hoping Kev's friend Nigel will be joining us on his boat NB Tomorrow.
Meanwhile I have been busy giving the grass it's first cut this year and also this morning I went down to muck out my friend Pam's horse Stella and turn her out into a field close to the farm, I have been helping her with Stella through the winter as she struggles a bit as she is manager of a pub in the next village to ours. Actually Stella belongs to her daughter Mayanne who is working near London as a groom so it is left to mum to make sure the horse is looked after!
Stella enjoying her brekkie!
A different sort of horse power to Rock & Roll!

Part of our garden with it's first haircut!!

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  1. Thanks for all your help today Ann. Really hope we can get you a berth at the marina.
    It will be great to have you and a Kev as near neighbors and cruising chums.
    Pleased you have posted a picture of Kev at the controls.
    See you on Friday all bring well.