Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back on board

Saturday 12th March

Kev got home on Tuesday teatime & he decided that he would  get to Great Haywood on his bike on Thursday as he had a few things he wanted to do before we left Great Haywood Marina. Samuel was going to Majorca yesterday (Friday) accompanied by his mums friend Helen, so I was taking them to Liverpool airport for their check in @ 4pm, they will be flying back on Sunday 20th. I got to Great Haywood about 6pm after travelling on the M6 which was absolutely horrendous as traffic was crawling at times!! Oh to get on the canal! Anyway when I arrived to the entrance of the marina Kev was there to meet me and got Buster out of the car and walked him to the boat while I drove down to the berth and started unloading the car. We went to the Shamla Indian restaurant for something to eat, and once again it was lovely (if you like Indian food that is) the staff are so friendly and very helpful there. It had been a fantastic day weatherise, just a pity I had spent a lot of it in the car.

What difference this morning as it was cloudy, cool and breezy! Kev went to the office to get our keys and to see if we could return in 2 weeks and also get some gas, we have decided to do a circular trip and Kevs friend Nigel and Kevs son Lee will join us next Thursday to spend a few days with us. Lee will go to Liverpool airport on Sunday 20th to pick Sam & Helen up then he will drop Sam off with us and take Helen home to Hull as he will be going home to Hull that day. So we are looking forward to having people with us.
We left Great Haywood about 11am this morning and headed to the junction for the Staffs & Worcs canal.

The staffs and Worcs canal with the junction behind us

We passed this boat on the way obviously not going very far!

Kev had mentioned that a fellow blogger was at Penkridge and that we may either see them there or pass them today, well not long after we had got through Deptmore lock we came through Roseford bridge and there was a boat coming towards us and low and behold it was Parisian Star with Mick & Ellie! unfortunately Kev was down below making tea ( where he should be) and I only realised who it was as they were passing us, so sorry we never got a chance to have a natter.
Another female busy housekeeping
We arrived at Penkridge 48hour moorings at about 4pm and moored up for the night

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  1. Shame we didn't get to have a chat. We are on a bit of a mission as our boat buyers are coming to see the boat for the first time on Monday morning.
    Elly :)