Monday, 21 April 2014

Out with the old crew & on with the new

Monday 21st April

On Saturday morning we left our mooring @ Whitchurch and turned back in the direction of Hurleston junction. After we got through Marbury lock we moored up and had a walk into the village and went into the Swan pub for a pint, Lee & myself had a few games of pool while Kev & Nigel sat watching Formula 1 racing. The pub had a couple behind the bar who said that they had only taken over the pub 3 weeks ago and had been very busy, so we were pleased for them and hope they do well  as we would hate to see yet another village pub close. We walked back to the boat and set off for Wrenbury and managed to get moored just through Wrenbury lift bridge, about 7pm we went to the Cotton Arms to have something to eat and it was very busy so we had to wait for a table and I must say it was well worth the wait, the food was excellent and we will certainly go back if we are on the Llangollen in the future!!

Yesterday morning we set off shortly after 8am as we wanted to get back to Nantwich so that Nigel & Lee could get their cars. Lee was going to do us a big favour by going to Liverpool airport to pick Sam & Helen up (Helen is Kirsty's friend) as they had been to Majorca to visit Sam's mum Kirsty (my daughter) and her partner Phil. Sam has lived with Kev & myself since last June as he wanted to come back to the UK to finish his education. Lee would drop Sam at the boat with us and then take Helen back to Hull with him.  We managed to get moored ok in Nantwich just after lunch, there were still a lot of boats moored and plenty of boats on the move. There was a festival on in Nantwich and it was very busy in the town as Lee & myself left Kev & Nigel on the boat while we had a walk there. all the pubs had security men on the doors, there were bands playing at a lot of the pubs, BBq's outside a couple of them so it was a good atmosphere. We decided to get pizzas & chips & took them back for all of us to have. Nigel left about 5.30pm, and later on Kev went with Lee to Liverpool airport while I stayed and chilled out on the boat. Kev returned with Sam at 9.30pm and after a natter & a drink we went to bed.
This morning it was lovely the sun was shining & so after some breakfast Kev & I left the mooring and left Sam in bed, we had to go through the aqueduct and passed all the moored boats to get to the winding hole so we could turn to head to go to Middlewich.
Leaving the mooring at Nantwich
Approaching the aqueduct
Sam got up and joined us 
Buster being very relaxed!
Sam at the tiller concentrating hard
We had passed Aqueduct marina and then along came a boat that we recognised and yes no camera at the ready, it was Balmaha with Mo & Ness who said congratulations to us on buying Rock & Roll, I grabbed the camera in time to catch them going away from us. We hadn't got much further when we got to a bridge where there was a boat coming so as we got through and were passing them they were bloggers Nb Lois Jane. 
We carried on to Barbridge junction and turned onto the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union canal and we stopped for a sandwich opposite Venetian marina and took Buster for a quick walk then set off again towards Middlewich where we moored on the visitors moorings.


  1. Hi you two, wish we were there! How has Buster settled on RnR - he looks quite relaxed in the picture.

  2. Hi Carol, Buster is settled in very well in fact he is better on R&R than he was on 4EverMoore. Still Rockin looking good bet you can't wait, we hope to be there to see the launch. loving the boat thanks we are thinking of you both