Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Not a nice day for cruising very wet at times

Tuesday 22nd April
Well what a miserable day weatherise that is, we left our mooring this morning just after 7.30 am with our wet gear on but it was quite warm, we dropped down through Wardle lock then a sharp right turn to Kings lock and as we were through there we moored up to have breakfast. I know we hadn't gone far but we wanted to get through these 2 locks before it got busy but Kev needed to go back into the town to a DIY shop to buy an adapter for the water hose as we found that when we went to fill with water that our adapter had been left behind at the water point just before  Grindley locks! So once we had finished breakfast  Kev went for the adapter whilst I washed up etc.

He came back to the boat with 2 adapters in case we left another one anywhere!! We had some heavy showers on the way but in between it was quite fine &the sun even managed to poke through the clouds We stopped at Wheelock to fill with water then worked through the several locks heading to our present mooring before bridge 140 at Rodes Heath, but not far after Pierpoint locks i saw a boat that looked very familiar and said to Kev as we were almost passing it, that's Seyella! typical no camera (due to all the rain left it below) I managed to sound the horn as were just at their bow & Geoff popped out in time for us to shout a quick hello-goodbye. Sorry we didn't stop but we needed to crack on a little bit as we have to meet friends in Stone. Catch you both another time.

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