Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rock&Roll handover

Saturday 1st March
Well today is the day that Rock & Roll would finally become our narrowboat, Kev should have been home but unfortunately he had to do an extra week and is in China but will be home next Tuesday 4th March.
This morning I was up early & got Sam (the grandson) up too as he was going to Droitwich with me, it was foggy when we left at around 7am and by the time we were on the M1 the sun was out. We were taking a steady ride to Droitwich we didn't want to get there too early and get George & Carol out of bed!! Anyway we stopped at Trowel services so I could have a break with a pot of tea & Sam had a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows whilst we were sat there I had a text from George & Carol to say they were ready when we were so I wasted no time in getting back into the car and on my way(with Sam too lol)
We arrived around 10.30 am to find George,Carol & of course Molly were waiting for us and we parked up the car which was fully packed with stuff for the boat and went on board Rock & Roll to find Carol had done a fantastic job of getting it ready for us. It was strange to see it without their belongings inside. George was kind enough to unpack my car & got Sam to help him and Carol helped to unpack for me!!
Once everything was onboard, I made my first cup of tea on Rock & Roll oh yes I made George & Carol one too! George then set about setting up our new TV, free view & freesat which I must say I am glad he did it & not me, but he saved Kev a job.
Once he had it sorted George,Carol & Molly left & I carried on sorting things, Sam got comfy on the sofa to watch some footie & to make sure the TV was working (yeh right)
                                                      Sam in position!!
I set about making the bed and I have to say my first nights sleep in it was very comfy.
Kev & I will be back on Wednesday and we will spend the night in Droitwich Marina then we are leaving on Thursday and heading off  in the direction of Birmingham to end up back at Great Haywood  on the 14th March where we will leave Rock & Roll for the time Kev is back at work.
We are really looking forward to getting back into the swing of the canals as we have missed it very much.
   I had 2 visitors this morning but unfortunately they didn't know this boat was under new management & I had no bread to give them, Carol will have to let them know she has moved!!
Once sam was up and about we got ourselves sorted and once again George came to do another little job for me, he shoed me how to light the diesel stove as on 4EverMoore we had a log burner.  Once George had left to go back to Carol in the caravan Sam & I got our things together locked up Rock & Roll and drove off but stopped at the caravan to say our goodbyes to George & Carol.
Thanks to you both once again for all your help and we will see you Wednesday.


  1. Good to read you are onboard at last, Do you plan to change her name or keep her as rock and Roll?

  2. Thanks Brian&Diana we are keeping the name wouldn't want to change it. Hope we meet up with you both at some point

  3. Great to read your blog and Rock and Roll is a lovely boat. We are sure you will have many happy cruising times ahead. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Diane and Ray Nb Ferndale

  4. Hi Diane & Ray we are really looking forward to cruising again everybody has been lovely & we thankyou for reading the blog even though as yet I am still learning how to blog