Thursday, 6 March 2014

This is goodbye for now

Thursday 6th March
Well today is the day we left Droitwich marina on our first journey as the new owners of Rock & Roll! We had travelled from home yesterday morning & arrived at Droitwich marina to meet up once again with George & Carol for what would be the last time we would see them for the time being.
We got our car unpacked with another load of things from home along with some clothes, groceries oh yes and Buster ( our staffie)
We arranged for George, Carol & Molly to join us later in the day to have a farewell drink & toast our future on R&R & their new boat Still Rockin
Cheers everybody!!
Poor Molly isn't well & so they had to leave not long after George set the camera for this photo, Carol will explain about molly I am sure on her blog, but I hope Molly feels better very soon. We know ourselves how upsetting it is when your pet is unwell as they can't tell you how they feel.
We were up early as usual this morning & looking forward to getting on our way & at this point we would both like to thank George & Carol for everything and wish them all the best for their future they have been very helpful to us.
We were about ready to set off after 9.30am & George & Carol turned up to help us on our way,Carol took Molly back to the caravan & George kindly came to give us a hand with the first 3 locks!!
George & Carol  as we reversed out from the mooring
Our first lock, George set the next lock up ready for Kev to go straight in.

Anyway once we were through the 3rd lock George said his good byes to us and we were on our way, how strange it must have seemed for George seeing his boat go off without both him & Carol aboard we will take good care of R&R.
We headed off and after we had got through Astwood top lock we decided to stop for a bite to eat just after bridge 41. We stopped for about an hour and then continued on and moored just  through bridge 48 opposite The Queens Head pub where we will be popping to later for something to eat & maybe a couple of beers, the pub was recommended to us by George & Carol so we will have to try it!
George had told us that Tardebigge  locks had been closed for work to be carried out but that they should be open tomorrow, so Kev & I took Buster for a walk up them & as we were so far up the locks a woman jogger went passed & she thought that the workmen were still working on them, OH DEAR!! Anyway I left Kev to carry on walking up the locks & I retuned with Buster to the boat to put the kettle on, when he returned he said that the woman jogger had come back down towards him after she had been further up the locks & said there was fencing and the locks up there were empty. Kev has rang C&RT up & was told they will be open Saturday so we are going to ring them back tomorrow to check but we will walk up them ourselves tomorrow & hopefully see the workmen & hopefully get an answer to whether or not they will be finished. Fingers crossed.

This is our mooring oppositee The Queens Head, Buster itching to get back onboard Rock & Roll.


  1. Lovely to see you guys afloat again. I used to read your blog all those years ago.... when this adventure was still just a dream to us. Will look forward to reading about your travels again.
    Elly on nb Parisien Star

  2. Cheers Elly & Mick, it's good to be back cheers hope to bump into you at some point( not bump literally)
    Ann & Kev

  3. Us too, we read your blog all those years ago, before we had Windsong built. It will also be strange to read the Rock & Roll blog and knowing that it's you and not George and Carol on board! We went on board Rock & Roll some years ago, the last time our paths crossed and partook of a few glasses of wine with George and Carol, and loved the boat. Look out for us on your travels, as we will look out for you. Welcome back to the cut!
    Pip & Roger - nb Windsong

    1. Hi there Pip & Roger thank you for your kind comment we hope our paths cross & we can catch up with you take care
      Ann & Kev
      ps I am still not very good at blogging

    2. What are you talking about, your blog is great! I think we may actually have met once, at Crick, the year that 4Ever Moore was shown, 2007 maybe? Keep blogging!
      Pip & Roger

  4. Hi Pip & Roger
    Thanks! Yes we met at Crick but it was 2008 when our boat 4EverMoore was in the show