Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Doing the Leicester Ring.

Wednesday 20th August

 This morning we left home at 8.15am with Sam and then picked his friend Chris up from his home in Keyingham which is only a few miles away from our village of Roos and is on our way out of Hull.
They will be with us for about a week and my friend Pam will be picking them up hopefully from Braunston and we will continue doing the Leicester Ring.
There was slow moving traffic on the M1 so we stopped at Woodhall services and got some food from Kentucky Fried Chicken then we arrived at Barton Turns Marina about 1.15pm. We got everything unpacked and I popped Buster for a walk while Kev got the boat ready to leave and so we left the marina just a after 2pm. We only had a short journey today and moored at Alrewas for the night.
 Sam & Chris in the cratch

Wychnor lock


  1. How wonderful to have 2 strapping lads to do the lock work!!

    1. yes wait until they have to do Atherstone locks!