Saturday, 23 August 2014

Moored at Sutton Stop

Saturday 23rd August

This morning was lovely but quite cool in fact it felt like Autumn, we let the lads have a lie in and we left our mooring around 8am and we stopped at the services after bridge 48 and emptied the loo, got rid of the rubbish and filled with water. We got to the locks at Atherstone and the first 2 locks were in our favour then 2 boats pulled away from their moorings  and so we were behind them for the rest of the flight. I left Kev with the lads and went up to help the boat that was ahead of us as it helped to speed things up, there were a few boats coming down so that made things even better.

does anybody know what this is just above the number?

The couple on the boat I was helping asked what it was and I wondered if it was something to do with gas as it seemed to be a valve of sorts but hey what do I know!

Chris looks happy here not quite as happy after he had finished the Atherstone flight Ha Ha!

Look at the above photo, this was originally The Navigation Pub at bridge 14 (Bulkington Bridge)
It is now a fantastic home for some one and the photo does not do it justice Who Lives in a House like this!! We wanted to get to Sutton Stop so we could go to the Greyhound pub for a meal, we got moored on the last mooring just before the water point before the Engine House about 4.30pm. We all got showered and then had a walk over to the Greyhound pub, there are a few people sat outside but we wanted to get sat inside as it kept raining on and off. It was full as usual inside so we had to wait to get a table and then once we got a table sorted we ordered some food and it was excellent and well worth it. 


  1. Hi Ann, Kev,
    The Greyhound has always been one of our most favourite stopping places for food and we’re a bit sad that we can’t do that any more!

    1. Hi carol we really enjoyed it and hope to eat there again at some point. Loving your blog too