Friday, 29 August 2014

First boat down Foxton locks

Friday 29th August
Well we were first down the Foxton Locks as we left our mooring @ 7.45 am and slowly got to the lock landing to find the lockie just unlocking the padlock on the paddles and he said for us to make our way down to the first few locks to the pound and wait there while 3 boats came up.

Kev in the first lock 

It is a great view looking down the locks especially if it is a clear day!

Unfortunately it didn't stay nice all day and it got quite breezy, we managed to get through Saddington tunnel without passing a boat! Mind you it is only 880 yards long but we haven't had many boats at all in fact we have only had 4 boats coming the opposite way all day! We stopped at Fleckney for lunch and then we got through the awful double locks on our own, Kev had to fill most of them as they are empty apart from that the gates always come open as you are leaving! 
We finally moored for the day on the visitor moorings at  Kilby bridge, as we were just coming alongside we got something round the prop so Kev jumped off the boat with the centre line & I turned off the engine then once we were tied up he went down the weed hatch to find.....
This!! Along with some bits of carpet!

Time for a few beers I think!!

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